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    Account lost. Customer support ignoring me.

    So I had a level 195 account, been playing about 18 months. Last week, the game kept crashing on launch on my phone. I gave it about twelve hours, but nobody else was affected so I figured it was a local issue on my phone. I deleted and reinstalled, confident my progress was saved to my Google...
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    Zero usable support channels

    Is anyone else stuck in the same situation as me where they have zero access to customer support? In game my CS menu is in Korean, and ignore everything I write in English. Four tickets over past six months, zero replies. The support email address tell me I am on the Asian build of the game...
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    Armory upgrades cancelled

    So I logged into my game and both my atomic age upgrades running in the armory have been cancelled. Green jacket rifleman and fighter mark 6. Seriously? WTH?
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    No support available in anything other than Korean

    So I have a few bugs in my game - the most annoying currently in Marco Polo never turns up so I can't spend rubies. I create a support ticket and then have an email conversation with these guys and their only help is to tell me to log a ticket here...