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  1. jagadeeshgarapati

    Winter of ages

    TinSoldier , Please give dates and time frame for winter of ages. i hope this time there is little modifications like discounts on citizens or time.
  2. jagadeeshgarapati

    Match Making has been Decent from last 10 days

    Hi BHG_Muet , TinSoldier , Thank you if you had done some tweaks in war match ups. most alliances i know are having good feedback from last 10 days. please don't change anything in next update about the war match up. Since you guys deployed server side changes required for Digital age recently...
  3. jagadeeshgarapati

    Suggestion for Devs and Muet

    BHG_Muet TinSoldier , if you guys really want to know feeling of the community you need to know the game better. you might feel you know the game better but thats not true. you will only know it better if you actually play it. not in the UAT environments but in real life. Upto some extent Tin...
  4. jagadeeshgarapati

    Digital age pre requests

    We are seeing some of the digital age changes being deployed by mistakes. We can now expect release of digital age by start of November or end of October. since there will be winter of ages in December i suggest you guys to change it a little differently. Give discount on time rather than...
  5. jagadeeshgarapati

    RCA in Replay bug

    Hi Tin, After the update we have found replays showing differently for each person. few points we have found which might help in a fix. 1. replay showing correctly for the person who attacked. 2. replay showing differently for different people. 3. if the attacker having good attack museum buff...
  6. jagadeeshgarapati

    national trade goods issues will increase after update

    with level 8 coalitions requiring 10 ntg it will almost require all of 30 stored in store house and having continous wars is almost impossible except for whales to buy them. at lease increasing store house capacity will ease up a bit. BHG should double the store house limits at present available.
  7. jagadeeshgarapati

    troops with guerilla tactics should not trigger traps

    same as commandos, mercenary troops freedom fighters which have sneaky guerrilla tactics should not trigger traps.
  8. jagadeeshgarapati

    one move to reduce cheating and bring life to dominations

    Hi Tin and Muet, you guys have done great job reducing glitches in last update. i don't know if the iron age bases taking down space age 3D bases is solved or not but for the future of the game can you guys bring restriction to entry age for World wars. like making industrial age as minimum...
  9. jagadeeshgarapati

    update available

    We are seeing new update in Android. does this update is for AR fix?
  10. jagadeeshgarapati

    Bug from last match making update

    This alliance canarysquad moved 4355 ranks because of the normalization done wrong. Everyone got subtracted some glory but this got zero reduced so they went directly to 48 rank. They have 46 wins and 51 losses.
  11. jagadeeshgarapati

    medals for winning and loosing should increase

    it has become hard to get 5 stars on mp battles lately for many. there should be change in medals earned for 1 or 2 stars so on. in same way there should be more loss of medals if they get zero stars.
  12. jagadeeshgarapati

    get us building and research blessings

    this will be so much better than speed ups. 30% bonus for building or research blessings for limited time will be so cool.
  13. jagadeeshgarapati

    New Leaderboard system

    You guys tried to change leader board by penalizing inactive alliances but all of them are working on bypassing that. so here is an idea to make leader board more dynamic. current system only uses GP. with new system you can use GP, medals, average player levels, perks etc. it does not need to...
  14. jagadeeshgarapati

    new update came without announcement

    we got new update yesterday which got downloaded when game is opened. this is mostly update on server side. why are you guys lowering your standards. is this the new way going forward. giving updates without announcements so people will not complain about bugs thinking it was earlier bug and...
  15. jagadeeshgarapati

    Decoy traps are bugged

    Troops are being released from decoy traps if you rally after getting trapped
  16. jagadeeshgarapati

    Indian Avengers looking for members

    Hi We are looking for active war members. CWA and AA are most welcome. we have all level of players.
  17. jagadeeshgarapati

    One Question for the world of Dominations

    please just answer me one thing. can a fully offense upgraded player take down a fully defense upgraded base? consider university, museum etc. if and above average attacker can get atleast 3-4 star in this scenario no one will have issues with the game. this looks like a right balance for me...
  18. jagadeeshgarapati

    why shinobi and ninja cant bypass traps

    since commandos got changed with bypassing of traps. like wise troops shinobi and ninja should also have same benefits.
  19. jagadeeshgarapati

    General Respan time after attack

    most of my battles are 100% destruction so i am not talking about the new update. General Re span time according to game depends on his health at the end of battle. but if the general had lost 70% of health and by the end of the match he was healed by wagons to full or near full what happens to...
  20. jagadeeshgarapati

    General Respan time after attack

    General Re span time according to game depends on his health at the end of battle. but if the general had lost 70% of health and by the end of the match he was healed by wagons to full or near full what happens to re span time? does it depends on the previous 70% or the end of battle full? As...