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    Defensive Drone, Barbed Wire

    Thanks! So, a weak ground troop against a high ranking wall might kill himself in the process, even if no one is shooting at him. I think that the game makes attacking too hard already, even without all these defense add-ons. But that's just me... :rolleyes:
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    Defensive Drone, Barbed Wire

    Hi guys! English is not my first language, so can someone explain what the **** does the Barbed Wire description mean, please? The game explains it "Ground Attackers take 25% of damage dealt as damage when damaging Walls and Bastions". To me that is gibberish... Damage dealt as damage when...
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    Training Blessing not actually lasting 1h as advertised

    Now that we (again!) have an event that requires heavy tanks, the Training Blessing bug or flaw is starting to annoy me. For example, a heavy tank... The normal training time is 36min, with training blessing you can cut it to 12min. But what if you have only 11min and 59s left of the Training...
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    Bastion lvl6 Slow Down Effect 92%

    As if bastions weren't hard enough already, the Information Age lets you upgrade them to lvl6, slow down effect will be then 92%! The attack will virtually stop there when your troops are crawling forward in the rubble. What if you have the Versailles near the bastions or a barbed wire trap...
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    Guerrillas attacking the Parliament. Why?

    After the latest update, the guerrillas/saboteurs/infiltrators - whatever the level you are - are targeting also the Parliament as an defensive building. Has anyone notices this? Is it a bug? I can't understand the logic why the Parliament should be attacked by this troop when there are towers...