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  1. Walker

    please change sunday , monday video rewards

    But crowns are good rewards tho. Much better than 5 min speed ups and weak tts that do nothing almost
  2. Walker

    Tactics for industrial and global age.

    British as of now. But I plan on changing to germans once I reach atomic age.
  3. Walker

    Tactics for industrial and global age.

    Hello everyone. I am a returning player who just got back from a break. In the meantime I can see that the game has changed quite a bit. I am looking for some war and multiplayer army setups to get some good loot and be a good teammate in war.currently I am in industrial age. So I would prefer...
  4. Walker

    Tips on upgrading walls

    Hi guys. I just want to know what is the best way of upgrading walls. I always used to upgrade them when I was finished with my other buildings. But since they became expensive. Upgrading them all at once is a little boring. So. I just wanna know how you do it
  5. Walker

    Stronghold should be nerfed

    This maybe an unpopular opinion but I think that the stronghold should be nerfed. Here are the things that BHG can do to help out the players at low level- 1. Reduce the range of the strong hold from 5 to 4. It has a lot of Hp and damage and it is too op to face a maxed stronghold in the lower...
  6. Walker

    Medals for gunpowder

    Hi everyone. I am currently playing in GP. I usually stay in the medal range of 500 to 750. There is abundant loot there. But the problem is I never get attacked. Last time I was attacked I was in classical age. Can you guys tell me a good medal range where I can attack others and also get...
  7. Walker

    Please fix the replays

    Hi moderators or whoever is reading this post. There has been problems over wrong replays shown for a long time. But recently this problem has bubbled into a large one. Inevery attack they show me a wrong replay. In war specially. It is very annoying. One can also not find out weather the...
  8. Walker

    Nametags below usernames

    Okay so I am using this forum for a while now. But I still do not understand a few things. Like how to put a picture beside my username. But the thing which confuses me is nametags. You can see things like Junior member,approved user,and trusted by nexon written below people's usernames. Just...
  9. Walker

    Tips for gunpowder age. Pls

    Hello everyone. Can anyone give some tips about my army composition. My current army is 4 bombards 1 supply cart Rest yeomanry This composition is good in world war as I use war elephants as mercenary but in multiplayer I want to get most of my troops back and I don't use mercenary there. I just...