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    Machine gun mounted on a jeep. New factory troop.

    After seeing the jeeps used for supply train/healers, I think it would be a cool idea to introduce the machine gun mounted jeeps. Less muscle than the tanks, more mobile, and more powerful than the commando. Sort of a bridge between the tank and commando.
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    At least your guy used 5 demolition tactics. Hows this for a 1 second victory. I have a town center and forbidden city not even close together. Yes u read correctly......1SECOND!
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    P.O.W. camp

    One idea that I think would be cool is having a P.O.W camp. For example, build a camp that would hold 6 prisoners that can be upgraded to hold more. Whenever you 4 or 5 star a base you will be given an option to take back 6 prisoners (depending on your P.O.W camp size). Only infantry, mounted...
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    Ability to add an alternate for alliance war

    How about the ability to have an alternate player in case one of the active players cannot participate or is unable to complete both of their battles. Leaders and co-leaders will be able to de-activate the player who cant compete and activate the alternate. The alternate will have to go...
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    Has anyone had any problems with generals needing to fully recharge after a battle?

    I'm hoping its just a glitch because I didnt see any changes in the update notes, but today I sent my general out on "clean-up" duty to take out a few farms b4 the battle time expired and because I wasnt able to take out all defensive buildings, I knew my remaining troops would not be returning...
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    LCA ( Landing Craft Assault) vehicles

    Just figured we could make use of the waterway and add landing craft assault vehicles that hold troops that can deployed anywhere along the bank. Once deployed it would come from the same direction as the trade vessel and players can use the touch screen on their device to determine where it...
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    I understand that guerrillas go undetected by defensive buildings but what I cant understand is why they go completely ignored by foot troops and cavary units. I've been attacked twice in the last week by players who used guerrillas and they basically walked through dozens of defensive troops...