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    Victory Chest broken since 6.2 update

    I didn't see this mentioned elsewhere, but several in our alliance (including myself) have seen erratic behavior from the victory chest. Sometimes it will show 0/15, sometimes 12/15, sometimes nothing. It seems random from what we can tell, and resets to one of those values frequently. I know...
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    Share feature

    I tried out the "share" feature for the first time from a war replay, and it is not working correctly. It showed the replay against my home base rather than my war base.
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    War Replays

    I installed the 5.8 update, but I don't see war replays for any of the attacks. Has that feature been delayed, or will they show up in our next war?
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    Has there been a change to the payout chances for NTGs? Prior to today, I would get NTGs on five star attacks around 70 to 75% of the time. Today I rarely get NTGs, although one time I got 3 from an attack (which hasn't happened before). Did something change, or am I just having a really...
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    Marco Polo

    Marco Polo is VERY generous this week! With one Lord's chest and one Troop chest, I ended up with 7 troop cards (some of them decent) and a bunch of blessings. Keep up the good work! Marco is definitely useful at this point.
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    Fighter Question

    I have been slowly working on upgrading my fighters (currently researching Fighter MK3), but the stat boosts have been very minimal at each level (+3 DPS, small HP gain). Is there a certain point where the upgrade is more significant? The unofficial wiki seems wildly inaccurate regarding...
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    Marco Polo - Rubies!

    This week's Marco Polo is encouraging. He is finally accepting rubies, and they can be used to buy troop cards. The cost isn't as crazy as some had speculated (400 to 500 rubies), so I hope this trend continues.