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    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    This will only help attacker. OP uses the example of -200% Invading Infantry Health, but who has -200% debuff to any invading troop? Nobody. You just can't get that high or even close to it. You might get -60% from two weapon artifacts and then maybe another 30-40% from some legendaries...
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    Digital Age matchmaking changed

    In readiness for the Information Age, Digital Age matchmaking now only occurs with Space Age and Digital Age bases. No more easy stealing from the Cold War Age bases.
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    Building, Library & Uni Alliance Speedups

    Has anyone unlocked Library (or even Uni) Alliance speedups yet? Can you confirm whether each alliance member can request a Building Alliance speedup & a Library & a Uni speedup each day, or is it one Alliance speedup request each day & you've got to pick whether you want Building, Library or...
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    Parliament is incorrectly seen as a defensive building

    The Parliament is incorrectly seen as a defensive building. Troops that prioritise defensive buildings, e.g. attack helicopter, go after it like it does other defensive buildings, prioritising it over non-defensive stuff.
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    Please explain Leagues to me

    Please explain Leagues to me. I've been playing this game for nearly 3 years, am Space Age, have reached Dynasty League and still don't understand them. * What does it mean for a daily dock bonus to be 3-7 chests or 3-4 diamonds? (I know what a daily dock bonus is, but don't get why its...
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    Goals for 1945:Victory - i hope not

    If they make the goal for 1945: Victory to open chests and you only have the day to do it.... well, I can hear the screams from here.
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    Allow war forfeits

    Alliances should be able to forfeit a war and have it end straight away. Just give the winning team maximum rubies, some food/gold/oil and random trade goods. Forfeiting team gets what they've won already but nothing else. This will put more alliances back in the queue faster and improve overall...