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    Councilor Reroll

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    Councilor Reroll

    Is this similar to the museum artifact reroll? Is the reroll to a specific "benefit" or just to a random benefit?
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    WW Mismatch

    At least 2/3 of our match ups are one-sided favoring our opponent. I recall that BHG said they made an effort to make the WW match more evenly balanced or was that some horse sh*t?
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    WW Mismatch

    @BHG, seriously? In a 20v20 WW, opponent has 17 Drone Age, 1 Info, 1 Digital bases versus 4 Drone Age, 2 Info, 2 Digital & bunch of Space age and below on our side.
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    Airstrip Troop HP/Damage Clarification

    If one of your Museum artifact benefits is Airstrip Troop HP or Airstrip Troop Damage, does that benefit applies to all the airstrip troops, Fighters, Bombers, etc? If not, what airstrip troop(s) does it applies to? Thanks
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    Alliance Medal Count

    Does the total alliance medal count have any impact on world war match?
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    Bring Back 25v25 War

    BHG, how about bring back 25v25 war?
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    WW Attack

    Not sure if this WW option has been suggested or discussed.... I think it may be good to limit the "attack down" to 2 ages in WW. For example, Info Age base in WW can attack down to Digital Age and Space Age but not Cold War Age or below. It may help in balancing a WW team on players to bring to...
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    No Discount on Parliament Building

    TheWise There is no discount on the Parliament building in the Cold War Rush event. I believe all other buildings are reflecting the discount except for the Parliament building. Please look into. Thanks.
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    Museum Artifact Benefits

    Will Museum artifact benefits still work if your Museum is under construction/being upgraded? Thanks.
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    MAQUINARIA 0SH Alliance

    Don't believe the 0SH in their alliance name. We are currently in a WW battle and they have stuffed their Stronghold with TT, including high level generals. I consider that to be a cheating alliance.
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    Museum War Artifacts Benefits

    I think it's great that you can spy on your war opponent's Museum artifacts benefits once you have finished those 3 spy reports in Harriett Tubman in University. I think you should be able to see your war team members Library, University and Museum benefits. This will help the war team in...
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    Strategy against Zhukov

    I am AA but often attack against higher age players. What's a good strategy against Zhukov? Can Assassin take out Generals when Generals are in choppers? Thanks.
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    Really? 15 Digital Age foe.....

    In a 20v20 war, we have 3 digital age bases pitted against 15 digital age bases and their lowest base is a lonely atomic age base. The lowest digital age base is level 297. Is the WW match algorithm really "fixed" for the better?
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    Special Museum Crafting Event

    Any special Museum crafting event coming soon? I think it has been a while since the last one. Thanks.
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    Switch Wonders

    Has there been an event in the past where you can switch/swap a wonder to another wonder at a discount? If yes, about how long ago? Thanks.
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    Museum Artifact Upgrade Discount Event

    Will there be one coming soon where the use of blue prints, supplies, etc will be reduced to upgrade/unlock an artifact benefits?
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    Dominations Down???

    Never mind....
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    Building Connection bonus to Road for Bastion

    If Bastion is considered a building, then I think we should get Building Connections to Road bonus, Town Center Hit Point Bonus, etc., unless Bastion is considered to be Wall. Thanks.