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  1. DanQ

    Auto-Age Advancement

    Earlier this morning, the citizens of my nation completed its advancement into the Classical Age. I clicked on my Town Center which made this official with a dialog box, fanfare and more items for construction in the Store. After collecting gold from my caravans and road network, food from my...
  2. DanQ

    Use of Storehouses?

    I'm still at a loss of the benefit of using a Storehouse. The 3 resources you gain through it are random, so there's definitive luck skill involved there and that's a negative to me. However, what really turns me off using it is that in order to gain these resources you have to offer up 10...
  3. DanQ

    SP Battle Performance and Scaling Subsequent Attempts

    One of the persistent and annoying aspects of play for me presently is when it comes to Single Player combat against the AI. That is, in order to claim the Crown prize for completing conquest of a region, I must obtain a five star rating in all instances... and if I don't, then I must battle...
  4. DanQ

    When to Advance Age

    As it stands, one of if not the first thing that I check at the start of any age -- Dawn included -- is how much gold it's going to take to advance me to the next one. I prioritize increasing my maximum gold capacity to accommodate and then the ability to generate that output in no more than a...
  5. DanQ

    Launch Events

    In an effort to get the conversation started, I'm starting this thread on events that could help launch the game upon its expected release in 2015. Given there are people already playing the game, interacting inside and outside the game, I would welcome our participation in -- and possibly even...
  6. DanQ

    On Barbarians

    When you first start the game, the tutorial has you fend off a barbarian (AI) attack from the forests to help you gain an initial acquaintance with combat. After that, the only attackers coming into your territory are other players... almost if not always when you're away! Presently then...
  7. DanQ

    Greetings from DanQ

    Hello, fellow DomiNations players. My name is DanQ and I've been one of the beta testers for the game. I find it a welcome compliment to my computer gaming as a long-time player of turn-based strategy, beginning with and continuing with the Civilization franchise and Rise of Nations from the...
  8. DanQ

    Notifications Archiving Request

    I would like to see all records of attacks on and by a player's civilization (mailbox) should remain archived unless deleted by the player. These records can be stored on the user's phone once delivered, thereby taking up negligible server space. (Could be automatically deleted if no logins...
  9. DanQ

    Inability to View Replay

    When I try to review a replay of a battle, nothing happens when I click the 'Replay' button -- it's broken, at least for me. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  10. DanQ

    Level UI Overlay

    I would like to see an optional, not-by-default UI overlay option that a glance would allow you to ascertain what level each one of your buildings is at. Cumulatively, this would save time clicking on each to determine their level as one decides what and what not to consider upgrading (and...