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  1. Radzeer

    11/29 Morning Maintenance and Future Updates

    Since the update the game disconnects again at the end of a MP battle. No matter whether IR blessing is on. Well done BHG. This is, what I call a hot fix!
  2. Radzeer

    Update on Network Issues

    The army composition - which you say is being lost in those many cases - is readable from the players MP and WW logs. Instead of putting effort into solving the missing Army Composition log - why isn't the battle log used if available? I see all battles in my log (after which the network...
  3. Radzeer

    DomiNations 11.2.4 Hotfix

    Even without the Instant Retrain the bug is here and even happens more often by my account. CS reply is that my comprehensive report (app log, attack details, network log) has been submitted to someone. Amazing. An easy workaround is at hand (if after the login the retrain options are available...
  4. Radzeer

    DomiNations 11.2.3 Hotfix

    Any update on the ETA of the fix? Just asking as CS is not answering. I thought the instruction on the top of the thread (Reach out to CS if you are still experiencing the trouble with IR) was supposed to get some sort of support. Seems the CS is overwhelmed for a week now, with too many higher...
  5. Radzeer

    Servers down? Not possible to connect...

    Can’t connect to the game, unplanned maintenance?
  6. Radzeer

    Korean Nation Bonus + 10000 tactics at WA

    I think I haven't seen this before :)
  7. Radzeer

    Active wars during the current situation

    Please cancel all wars, where many alliance members (on iOS devices) simply can't do their attacks. The used platform on the devices of the members shall not decide the outcome of the war. There was a significant effort invested into the glory points of the alliances, which shall not be put into...
  8. Radzeer

    Victory Chest available in 3 days and 11 hours... after the update

    Played a few mp battles ,after the update (6.7.)... After collecting a Victory Chest I have noticed, that the next Victory Chest will be available after 3 days and 11 hours. Quite a long wait, if you ask me... Remark: Uploading screenshots still not working here... Cheers, Your beta tester
  9. Radzeer

    Heavy Tank Splash damage is gone after the 6.7. Update

    Although researched at the University, the splash damage for HT is not working. Cheers, Your beta tester
  10. Radzeer

    This thread will be deleted, read till you can - it is about cheaters

    I was not really planning this, but now I’m fed up so much, that I think the time has come... Wasnt really positive about the game lately, but I believe we didn’t face cheaters since the ww replays are here... But today - it became a real farce... We were matched in ww with 15vs15 squad against...
  11. Radzeer

    You know you are exceptional in wars. Show it to the world!

    Storm Elite is looking for rough diamonds - Atomic Age players with enthusiasm and skill. Are you ready to hit hard against the top teams in this game? Want to prove yourself? Are you a honest and communicative team player? We need you - and You need us. Cheaters are not welcomed.
  12. Radzeer

    My baby account got banned

    Yeah, this is the newest stab from NEXON/BHG So no war for my Atomic Age account (thanks for that too), and I started to play my baby account again... Well not so much baby anymore - its high end IA in fact. British... Played two great wars, since the big account is out of wars Today I got a...
  13. Radzeer

    Tactics and Stronghold changes in Update 5.5 - Poll

    The tactics and SH modifications seems to be causing major uproar in all forums, let us here your voice in this poll It is a multiple choice poll feel free to click more than one answer.
  14. Radzeer

    Troop Tactics from Inventory lost with the upgrade

    Only Troop Tactics activated (i.e. visible in the troop/tactics stripe in the Barracks view before the upgrade) are showing up in the Stronghold and nothing in the Inventory. I like how CS responds: Please build the Stronghold, to see your bought and received troop tactics... They do not even...
  15. Radzeer

    DAF recruiting

    DomiActive Fury is looking for you folks. You are required to: Join (we all did that) Play often (we all do that, usually) Use discord or/and Messenger (we all do that) Talk, talk talk (we all do that, even too much of it sometimes) War often (we all do that) You will get: Tons of donations...
  16. Radzeer

    Coalitions bought not showing up on the war map on WAR DAY

    Bought 3 defensive coalitions for our current war - was not really bothered by the fact that they were not shown after buying them during the planning day... I thought it's just the usual "visual glitch" how CS said... Be assured they will be active during the war day, etc... This visual bug is...
  17. Radzeer

    Fyber offers and videos

    As I'm traveling a lot these days, I'm noticing big differences in Fyber offers and the availability of videos. In Middle or Eastern Europe the videos are completely unavailable and the Offers for crowns are all diverted to a few malicious websites (get Messenger backgrounds for 6 EUR/week - are...
  18. Radzeer

    Map Edit Crash - are we all alone?

    Map edit crash Since a month I'm not able to edit my war base, as the app immediately crashes, when I press the map edit button. Tried all possible fixes (reinstall, free up memory, restart, etc), none of them works. It is highly critical, as I can't place newly acquired buildings on the war...
  19. Radzeer

    The bug with incorrect coallition display on the war map is back

    This old bug of showing incorrect coallitions used on the war map is back... 4 coallitions displayed (sick already), but upon the embassy only one flag is waving...
  20. Radzeer

    How to improve war matchups - battle the stackers

    1. Minimum level rule: Lowest level member must be at least 30% of the level of the highest war member If the highest lvl member is lvl 198, lowest lvl member must be at least 99 2. Only one attack in war, reduce planning day duration to 6 hours, war day duration to 12 hours 3. Counting all...