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    DomiNations Sitrep #2 - Drone Command

    No to sabotage change specially 50% reduction of effective time
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    DomiNations Update 11.4 - Defensive Library Update

    As in Drone Age almost everything costs oil including barrack troops , its time to introduce resource exchange between oil, food and gold .
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    Welcome to the Drone Age

    @TheWise , when are we going to get drone factory and drone age library?
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    Seasonal Leaderboard Kickoff!

    Must an issue for IOS users only :)
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    DomiNations v11.1 Update

    You can just ask your leader to kick you out, and that way won't missout any rewards. For long intervals, if you are feeling overwhelmed, they don't complete in that season. But don't suggest longer waiting time between seasons as intervals are already quite lengthy.
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    Welcome to the Drone Age

    That's ok
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    Glory Decay Update

    How does the alliance leader board / glory effect the game play?
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    What's Your Ideal Video Reward?

    By currencies, hopefully you meant crowns and speed ups, not food, gold or oil.
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    Conductor lag

    @TheWise , when will this bug be fixed?
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    Who else have problems with University Speed ups?

    @TheWise , when will this bug be fixed?
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    Drone Age is almost here!

    And you think you are doing well!!!!!
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    Unable to upgrade artifacts.

    Since last night, I am unable to upgrade 3* artifacts which are created in last 24hrs. Already reported to CS but no solution. For 1% buff, rather than upgrading to 2%, it's starting from 0 and ending to 1% again while wasting resources and blue print.
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    Ideas about war tactics \ war academy

    1. Whenever we start to upgrade war academy , we are unable to train any war tactics . If we able to build 2nd war academy , we can overcome this issue . 2. 2nd war academy will able to increase the number of war tactics allowed to be used in every war . Thus the attacks will be more...
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    Museum artifacts exchange program.

    This feature will allow players to exchange their artifacts within the alliance.
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    Request for cosmetic change in defence and offence tab.

    Wiseone Will like to delete attacks or defences which are not important, so that important battles can stay available for more time. Also if we can get opponent's current condition (online /offline, in peace treaty) then we can plan revenge better. Lastly and most importantly, make sure all...
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    New Idea For University .

    Modifications in current leaders : Triple Alliance: Provides 1 additional pre-chosen (current :Random )National Trade Good whenever player gain at least 1 NTG from battle. NTG choice can be change by paying crowns . The Ninety Nines :Increase Airstrip capacity by 2(Current : 1) The Great...
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    Shortage of NTGs

    We all have been facing shortage of NTGs, specially of NTGs from Koreans and Greeks. Nexon should take steps to make these nations more attractive to high level players or re-introduce NTG exchange through Marco Polo.
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    University New leader Chanakya

    Chanakya was an ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor, who authored the ancient Indian political treatise, the Arthashastra, a text dated to roughly between the 2nd century BCE and the 3rd century CE. As such, he is considered the pioneer of the field of...
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    New dynamic troop tray

    I would like to see a dynamic troop tray for battles specifically for war battles. Once used troop type will go to last of tray or go away from screen . No need to see the generals after deployment. Also if we can set our own initial troop order , then that will be great.
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    Temporary workers at Embassy against NTGs , Please please please implement this.

    For upper ages every upgrade takes more than 1 week each with ranging worker requirement between 4-10 citizens . With only 20 citizens(max) , it makes game very slow and not attractive as resources keeps on building up . So I propose new concept of temporary workers for Industrial Age and up ...