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  1. Dracula3811

    QoL: multiplayer museum

    You have your weapon classed artifacts for the hp buffs
  2. Dracula3811

    The Manufactory

    Interesting concept. 1. Will the "receipes" be posted for what item needs which materials? 2. Can you queue up different materials in the same slot or will you have to manually change it? 3. Will we be able to raid for materials?
  3. Dracula3811

    Manufactory Playtest Sign Ups!

    @TheWise any info on when the play testing starts?
  4. Dracula3811

    DomiNations Update 12.0 - Automation Age

    They've almost always favored offense in this game.
  5. Dracula3811

    Manufactory Playtest Sign Ups!

    Either I wasn't selected or it hasn't started yet
  6. Dracula3811

    Manufactory Playtest Sign Ups!

    When is the playtesting starting?
  7. Dracula3811

    Update to World War Glory Matchmaking

    Bases like that aren't actually sandbagging. Look at their town base. Everything they have on their town base counts towards their war weight. They just haven't updated their war base.
  8. Dracula3811

    Manufactory Playtest Sign Ups!

    I concur. This looks to be interesting. Looking forward to checking it out.
  9. Dracula3811

    Museum / Coalitions / Council Stats

    Museum effects on your stuff is always applied before interaction with the opposing museum's effects. Fyi, with rare exception, this game has been offense focused. Source: I've been playing since the beginning and that's my observations.
  10. Dracula3811

    DomiNations Update 11.13 - Defenders and Queen Seondeok

    I've also been asking for this for years. Clash has had this type of feature for a long time and I've always said it would be a good qol addition to dominations. I'm glad they're finally implementing it.
  11. Dracula3811

    DomiNations Update 11.10 - New Drone Age Upgrades

    Thx for the stats, times, and resource costs! It helps with the planning quite a bit.
  12. Dracula3811

    How many active player are playing this month?

    That isn't daily active users. That's total accounts that have joined alliances.
  13. Dracula3811

    How many active player are playing this month?

    Where are you getting the 2 million from? It isn't from Domistats.
  14. Dracula3811

    Update to Future Seasons

    Where are the new barracks and factory troops? Where are the fixes to war matching? Where are the time and cost reductions to encourage new players to actually have a chance to reach the top age? Where are new game modes that encourage competition between teams? No, the triumph thing is not a...
  15. Dracula3811

    Season 3 - Week Ahead 5/29

    Castles have come a long way since the beginning. It used to be that unspawned generals got destroyed when the castle got destroyed. Now you really can't get to the castle before the generals spawn. I'd like to know what prompted to make the seasonal change permanent because i don't think that...
  16. Dracula3811

    New University Leader Nikola Tesla - Innovation and Progress

    Thank you very much for posting this!
  17. Dracula3811

    DomiNations Update v11.8 - New University Leader

    That information isn't readily available ingame. Plus we won't have the base values anyway. Also, yes i know there are whales in the game who pay for the latest greatest stuff. That doesn't change the fact that no one has access to the info i requested until they get to it. That means you don't...
  18. Dracula3811

    DomiNations Update v11.8 - New University Leader

    I guess we're going to have to crowdsource the numbers for Tesla in uni because bhg doesn't want to release that info. #classicbhghidinginfo
  19. Dracula3811

    DomiNations Update v11.8 - New University Leader

    So any word on the tesla numbers?
  20. Dracula3811

    Is the game server really hacked?

    The only way to stop the cheaters is to permaban them.