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    Army layouts suggestion

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a fast train tab where we can make like 3 or a bit more layouts and even able to name them.
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    The skins

    Chance the skins of tanks to more fit with that nation like germany why would a german ride an american m4 sherman
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    World war

    In dominations when playing world war you have minimum of 10 why not a minimum of 5 players to have more alliences doing world war
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    Difrent tank skins for difrent countryies

    I should like to see that ever nation a difrent tank skin is they have it like germany the germans made a lot of tanks but in the game they have the standard skin so i like to see that every nation that made there own tank types get that skin its besicly like the buildings in asia and europe...
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    Best armies

    Hello i need a new army my army is good but is uses alot of oil and i have an heavy tank that uses alot of spacr the hewvy tank is also very important so i want an better army i am the german nation so do yoU guys a have sugestions
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    New nation

    This new nation is the netherlands as the netherlands you get a bonus every 24hours you get gold witch also get higher when you upgrade the harbor and you can also can get a random recourses the unic unit is the the mariner yes the mariner they replace the standerd commando they do extra damage...
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    Naval combat

    I hope that naval combat gets in in dominations like the aircraft you can deploy it press on a location to unlease a barrage you can get a small boat like small merchant vessel a warship a gunboat
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    New defender idea

    I should like to see defendibg aircraft like fightersbattcking each other like ww1 dog fights you can keep it at stock with oil and the aircraft spawn from your airfield and towncentre and tye fighter is related from your fighter that is used for attacks please add this
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    New nation

    Guys what if you can play as the russians but when you reach the global age you will turn into the soviet union and when you reach the space age you become the russian federation