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    Alliance Leaderboard Feedback

    Make it a 2 week leaderboard both for alliance & individual. Current duration is just stretched too long, some of the rewards are just not worth it. Especially the legendaries.
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    Quality of Life Improvement for DoM Loyal Gamers

    Dear Management, Design & Development Team of DoM. About a year + in the game. My in-game name Singapore with Alliance “Sparta 300” at 247 Space Age now. Here in are some of the quality of life improvements and tweaks. a) Equipment set swaps for both different sets in a push of a button auto...
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    Ability to view WAR Troop Stats

    Hi, This game is mostly centred towards World War where players invest most of their time and money. BHG should allow us to view our war troops and buildings equally the same as non-war, combined with buffs from Coalitions, War Museum Artifacts. Frequent World War players are the backbone of...
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    Join Donate2Dominate Alliance - Continuous World Anyone Welcome.

    We need Global Age or higher and playing Striker / Offensive. Team Players only. The benefits, Level 15 Alliance perks Frequent World War. "Start in between daily server resets to maximise free retrain and player time zones." We donate troops for War base defence spawn & different troops...
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    Donate2Dominate. All are welcome to join us. Level 14 Perks, Support and Casual

    We are a mix of members from various time-zones. 29 member alliance with frequent World War. Search for Donate2Dominate. See you in-game!