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    Extra Generals = Temporary Ban?

    Im currently going to message cs and I don't know if they tell you specifically but I was raiding last night. Nothing unusual but I had a weird case which I didn't know was a thing until I read that there was already a post about it in the Bugs section. It was after war and I used the instant...
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    Notification About Forming War Coalitions Maybe A Little Sooner

    It's odd and I know it's been this way forever and only today it bugged me but I wish there would be a better notification about when war is going to start. I leave the game notifications on so that I know when research is done or expeditions come back. The dumbest part about it is the reminder...
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    Training Bless Ending Sooner Than One Hour

    I've noticed one thing while using training bless. Being the only CWA player in our wars and only one of 3 in our alliance, I take it upon myself to load every war base with troops (Being the leader also helps) other than my own. I use the training bless to get it done quickly but today I...
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    Question(s) about selling artifacts

    Haven't done so yet but getting close to it.I have a lvl 4 artifact that has become obsolete but It started as lvl 1 and I spent the supplies to get it to lvl 4. Each individual tier is at lvl 3. Now what I'm wondering if when you click the item it shows what you would get if you sold it yet it...
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    New update.

    Someone always has to ask what the sudden update was so I will. On the one hand I’ve only noticed that it “mostly” fixed the mad edit bug caused by the bastions. I say mostly because when I go to edit there’s always one piece of wall that gets picked up so it’s not completely fixed. If you move...
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    Paratrooper coalition?

    I had not used transports in a long time but now with the added spaces I find them useful again. Do any of the coalitions work for the paratroopers? American will buff the health of the transport itself but I doubt it affects the paratroopers themselves. They're not factory or barrack troops...
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    Space Age MP

    I’m still at CWA and of course other CWA players can verify now that we can only see space age and AA bases. Now I need to ask about space age bases. Multiple alliance members have mentioned that they’ve gotten raided by Space age players and have posted replays. Seems like horse doo doo...
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    Not sure if it’s only CWA but MP search questions

    So through more and research through MP raids, it seems now that there’s very little difference (If any) despite being in different medal leagues. Granted I haven’t tried past kingdom league but previously you could clearly see how much bases and attack options changed once you passed and gold...
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    CWA MP search update

    This isn’t a complaint though I’d be lying if I said that this feature won’t be missed. I know that global players complained about the fact that cwa raided them so it appears the day has come. I didn’t raid until an hour ago as I was trying to finish the current event. Cwa can no longer see...
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    Get the heck out of here with these video rewards.

    Of course someone will inevitably say “Well it’s free and it’s better than nothing” but the update has no made something somewhat unbalance really unbalance. Now the “rewards” include food/gold stacks and troop recruits. I was quite content with blueprints/rubies/speed ups/small batches of...
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    Perhaps a Cheater?

    http://Untitled by patty lee, on Flickr Ive been trying to post something and it always gets "Unapproved" but I've been reporting this particular player every 2-3 weeks when I first ran into right after Christmas so yes nearly 3 months now. At first it was infuriating but than it became...
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    Result Of Reporting The Same Cheater For Nearly 3 Months

    Ran into this particular player just after Xmas and continued to report to customer service once a week for the last 3 months. At first I got frustrated than it just becomes laughable for some reason because they keep giving the same auto response though with every report I add on more and more...
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    Sharing a Fellow Members War base

    Untitled by patty lee I won't share mines because really the rose valentines has been done to death so I won't bore with that one but this is a fellow alliance members war base and it has performed very well. I know that a lot of people also give up in terms of fighting against silos but it...
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    Do Tank Destroyers Have Suppresion?

    Just noticed as I raided with tank destroyer I noticed when it hit ground troops I could see a little suppression icon pop up on them which was weird to me. Is that just the splash damage animation now?
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    Does Russian Coalition Work On Rocket Arsenal

    Lately I've been seeing more and more people use Russian coalition though I never actually knew if it was affected by Russian Coalition. These are bases that are using only one defensive coal as well, not max defense It's not just the CWA I see more and more AA using it as well when it used to...
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    Thanks? For Dealing With Cheaters.

    I know, I know it's useless these days to report cheaters, hackers, and so on. I just thought it'd be nice to share my story until I move onto the next one. I've been reporting this player every few days to CS through the game and thank goodness for the auto response because I feel so much...
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    Better war match making? And question about sand bagger log ins

    Maybe just a comment really. It’s nice to see the board change but since the decay went into effect our alliance has found itself in many, many ridiculous wars. I don’t know how the game determines the number but in this current war that will start tomorrow against Virus, we gain 954 or lose...
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    Archive? Does it matter?

    I’m just wondering if there’s the chance to get 1 day or higher speed ups. I’d assume you would have to be empire ish but we haven’t seen it in alliance. I’m cwa but I’m only at lvl 4 archive because there’s more important stuff to upgrade. There’s no point in paying money for speed ups because...
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    Attack Helicopter Stats Question

    Still won't use them but came upon the library research tab for the attack helis and I was wondering if the damage stats would be as indicated if you finished all research as last tier says 8x dmg to def buildings so around 5k?
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    A little tip on getting more museum fragments

    It's not a mind blowing thing nor anything revolutionary but I've told people about it and it never occurred to them so I thought I would share it. I'm sure there are people that have a lot of good artifacts but as for myself, not so much. I have a maxed museum and (Excluding legendary) of all...