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    Waste of time finished with the game

    Played for 3 years and this bug has ruined the fcking game. Constantly losing troops, unable to log in., spinning circles stopping the game and thrown out of attacks. Bunch of amateur clowns. Onto pastures new.
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    Problems of all updates and their testing

    Nobody seems to be doing anything about it. The problem remains.
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    Constantly spinning circles

    Something i have noticed is this bug seems to affect devices with a slower CPU like tablets. They need to look into that. My high end smartphone does not seem to have these issues.
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    Constantly spinning circles

    Is anything actually going to be done about this?
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    Speed-up requests causing the issue

    Since the last update it looks like the speed-up requests are causing the problems during game play. I did contact CS via the game. When speed-up requests are answered by an alliance member a spinning circle appears over the relevant upgrade AND in the center of the screen which stops the game...
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    Constantly spinning circles

    It may be something to do with buildings being upgraded because often another spinning circle appears on an upgrading building??
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    Constantly spinning circles

    The update has stopped me from actually playing the game. Constantly spinning circles on the screen. Android device. CS doesn't respond.
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    Reaching level 300?

    Been stuck on level 299 digital age for months have upgraded most defensive buildings to at least digital. Still upgrading but the number remains on 299. Do i also have to upgrade useless stuff like roads, caravans and farms etc?
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    Multiplayer museum artifact bug?

    Has anyone noticed the lack of effectiveness of certain museum artifacts that have +20 or +25 hitpoints for example in my case bazookas? Most multiplayer attacks i lose nearly all of them. Is the museum actually working?
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    Game now fails to load Android Mobile

    Dominations now fails to load on my Android Mobile Phone. I noticed it about one week back and it still fails to load. Anyone else have the same problem?
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    Virtually unplayable now.

    The game and attacking in multiplayer is becoming farcical. A complete and utter waste of time. Attacks just freeze constantly for 30 seconds sometimes longer and the on screen scrolling bar at the bottom unresponsive. Response time appears like one of those old games from the 80's. This is on a...
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    Server down same time every weekend

    Roughly 8pm every single Saturday and Sunday the game doesn't connect or load for test of the day. WTF is going on?
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    Chronic slow down.

    When you can ever eventually get past the update screen and actually log in to the game attacks are so slow you can't control them. And this on a brand new 10" tablet. This game has become a big joke guys i mean come on its 2020. Why the chronic lagging in global age multiplayer battles? How...
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    Cannot load game.

    This is becoming a joke. I had to clean the files and now the game doesn't load. A message comes up saying a new update is available and there isn't. Tried uninstalling the game and the same thing keeps happening. The whole app no longer loads.
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    Lack of war artifacts in museum?

    Seem to be crafting only multiplayer artifacts these past few days. Anyone else found the same thing?
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    Airstrip shows 2/6 but i have zero planes

    After a multiplayer attack when i lost 3 bombers. The third one was lost right at the end of the attack. After that the airstrip shows 2/6 even after reloading the game. I can only train 4 planes now and it should be 6.
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    Watching videos glitch

    I have now had 4 consecutive days of only being able to watch 2 of the daily videos. After that i get the message "Unable to retrieve videos at this time'. I'm then prevented from watching any more.
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    Multiplayer search issues

    Cannot even start multiplayer battles now. Circle of doom and all that. No opponents found quite often. What is going on? Again.
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    Virtually unplayable now.

    War attacks now are totally and utterly useless. The lag and the freezing of the screen on my tablet prevents the chance of any stars at all. It's farcical and will have to stop warring.
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    Game not installing correctly

    After the last update and general lagging it was suggested in my alliance to reinstall the game. Now it won't install at all on Android tablet. I tried several times but on one occasion it was successful but a few items were missing from my base mainly the missile silo. What is happening?