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    Brave Villans Recruiting

    Come and join us to Brave Villans small group but we do wars continuously!
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    The Villans are recruiting!!!!!

    Hi, we are a new alliance which we just reach Perks level 5 with 11 players, from Medieval Age, to Industrial Age, Cold War Age and Space Age, and we are looking to get more players so we can get much bigger..we are active and donating doing B2B wars so, join us and let’s play!
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    New Alliance

    Hi everyone, there’s a new alliance, Peaky Blinders - 7 members with different ages.Active enough and friendly looking for new players to play together and get stronger. Feel free to visit and if you like maybe will stay. See you there!
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    Peaky Blinders Alliance

    Hello guys, Peaky Blinders Alliance is looking to recruit new players..friendly alliance, so feel free to join..