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    vote new leader

    Sometimes the Leader abandons the alliance. There must be a way for a council member to be appointed new leader.
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    How is this guy having these buildings on classical age???
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    View "last online" timestamp

    As an alliance council member, I would like to see which members are inactive so I can remove them to allow others to join. A "last seen" or "last online" field would be nice to see in the player information. Thanks
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    My account got linked to someone else somehow

    Someone else is connecting with my account, my player ID is 1281730? How can I make it stop? There must be a way to control your profile or change or password? This could be a bug or something. I checked the help pages, all my accounts are super safe (Google, FB, Apple ID), I change my...
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    Changing city name

    Hello, I've just started playing a few days ago. How can I change the city name?
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    browser based port?

    How about a browser based port?