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    Welcome to the Drone Age

    Not true. I just upgraded on IOS. (Using IPad)
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    DomiNations v10.1 Update

    Fourth Report
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    Unexplained WW1/Event Situation

    Dear BHG team, The recent events are great, no doubt. BUT please do justice for real hardworking legit players. How can an event which start within 5 mins, and you get the players score immediately impossible XP points such as 4000 to 8000!! And these players are continuously getting the...
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    Please check out this base.

    IronAngel, please check out this base. It is too obvious that this is a hacker's work piece.
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    iOS9 and Game Crash

    Like others, I have suffered after updating their iPAD to IOS9, which caused their game to crash time to time. There is a new update by Apple for 9.1, and I decided to try, since I have nothing to lose. It somehow has stabilized the game much more, and I able to play a few battles without any...