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    Niv 297 et 261 recherchent alliance

    Bonjour Nous recherchons une alliance francaise qui fait 2 wars par semaine et ou tout le monde joue le jeu sans prise de tete :) Merci
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    Date of summer rush

    Hello Where i can find the date of summer rush. I want to up cold war with -35% but i dont find the date Thanks
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    Alliance francaise sympathique et généreuse

    Hello Nous recherchons des français pour rejoindre notre alliance FranceChihuahua : don de troupes et participation aux demandes d'accélérations, nous sommes de niveau 12 et faisons une à deux guerres par semaine, régulièrement victorieux. Notre parlement est bien avancé et l'ambiance est...
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    Better balance in war

    Hello In war, the best player can give units for all this team. If he have a very good level, its impossible to win because all team become very strong. I think for better balance the game need to limit the units gifts : 2 units gift by player. Thanks and good game
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    Chest in war and speed up in game

    Hello ! Before, excuse my english :) I think the chest in war are not good for the big level. When your team win, you can win lot of planes or army but they are weaks if your are atomic or better. We need more speed up and artefacts for my opinion. In my team, many peoples quit the game when...