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  1. Rogue Squirrel

    New to space age and i suck at ww. Need tips.

    If generals are very strong, wait until they are within range of your own troops and drop a decoy tactic then attack with fighters. If you can destroy the castle before they spawn they'll already be damaged when they come out.
  2. Rogue Squirrel

    Tactics Limit?

    No, they don't use up a space in your tactics inventory. They are just extra tactics
  3. Rogue Squirrel

    lost the game completely.

    Are you using the latest version of Bluestacks? (Bluestacks 5) If not, download it and reload your old game. Might help
  4. Rogue Squirrel

    Unlimited Free Stronghold units

    Yeah, there's a bug that gives you unlimited troop tactics in the stronghold - someone in my alliance knows how to do it but I haven't bothered asking them the details because I prefer to win wars without cheating. At the moment we see it it in about one in every four wars. It's pretty obvious...
  5. Rogue Squirrel

    Unlimited Tupelovs

    There's a bug which allows you to access unlimited Tupelovs and Nighthawks in the stronghold. The opponents in three of our last four wars have all exploited this bug. People in my alliance are beginning to question whether we should do the same or we're going to be left behind. If this bug...
  6. Rogue Squirrel

    Advance notice when you launch new updates

    Hey guys, it would be really nice if you could give us advance notice of when you're going to launch new updates. If the update occurs in the middle of a war it really screws up the game - troop donations to allies and war bases become extremely difficult if half the team have the update and the...
  7. Rogue Squirrel

    Server Down?

    Haven't been able to load the game since yesterday - several other users are reporting the same issue. It affects both ios and android. Anybody at BHG care to tell us what's going on?
  8. Rogue Squirrel

    Lag Fixed?

    I've been moaning about the game lagging ever since the 7.2 update back in July last year, but I haven't suffered any performance issues since their last update (8.3) Have they fixed the lag? I didn't see any mention of performance fixes in the notes that came with the last update. Does anyone...
  9. Rogue Squirrel

    The Most Generous Person in Dominations

    I've been the leader of my alliance for three years and have donated more than 98,000 troops. I decided to look at some of the top alliances on to see if anyone else had made as many as me and was disappointed to see that I'm not the most generous person in Dominations - several...
  10. Rogue Squirrel

    No instant retrain

    For over a week now I haven't been able to use instant retrain - the screen either goes black and the video fails to load or it lets me watch the video but then gets stuck on a screen that says it's processing my request but nothing happens. Sort it out please And while I'm here I would also...
  11. Rogue Squirrel

    Extra Generals

    Someone in my alliance keeps being given extra generals. He's in the medieval age and is only meant to have one general, but sometimes finds he has two or three. He's worried that he may get penalised by Nexon… I remember reading a post about this issue before but can't seem to find it. Does...
  12. Rogue Squirrel

    Acessing your game on another device

    Someone in my alliance just asked me if they could link the game that they play on ios to an android phone. I don't think it's possible but I thought I'd check on here first. Anyone know?
  13. Rogue Squirrel

    Problem with instant retrain

    The last few times I've tried to get instant retrain after a war attack the screen has just gone black and fails to load the video. When I log in again it says it can't give me a free retrain because it's still processing my request. This sometimes takes up to 45 minutes! Anyone else getting this?
  14. Rogue Squirrel

    Troop Combinations

    The rebalance certainly provoked some strong reactions from people in this forum but one thing I think it has achieved is mixing up the troop combinations that players use when attacking. I've seen all sorts of combinations using helicopters, heavy tanks, bazookas, APC's etc. But one thing has...