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    Inaccurate replays

    I reported this over a month ago, but my thread was merged with a unrelated thread complaining about battle logs (to which i pointed out). I reported it to support as requested back then and again a few days ago. I do not see this in the list of active issues or known bugs. The replays do not...
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    Removed from league and lost my copper medal?

    When I logged in today, I now see my copper medal is gone and when I click on the dock it tells me the same thing it did when I first started playing, that I need to go into battle and when I reach 400 medals, I can join a league, even though I have more than 400 medals right now. I guess that...
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    Server OOS Code = 501 Errors

    iPad Air 2 128mb. I get about 2-3 of these per day (see screenshot) and the game has to reboot.
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    War Academy, tactic item info display anomaly

    iPad air 2 128mb, although I only posted 1 screenshot, all item info screens display the same anomaly.
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    Is there an FAQ for beginners somewhere? Some things I'd like to know... 1. Does your army defend your town? It doesn't appear to because when I attack someone the only army I see defending is from the garrisons. This seems a bit nonsensical having an army that is there but just watches the...