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    How devs punish paying users trying the glitch

    My account has been clean at least until 26th March 2019. I was level 266 Romans, space age, bought the starter pack 2 for 20,99 Euros as well as the extra workers estate for 54,99 Euros. My alliance was max, my library research was maxed to CWA level. Had 2nd research slot for armory and...
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    Banned for using Matrix glitch - lazy devs betraying their users

    Have been banned for 'suspicious activity'. Please remove this ban immediately. I have spent money on this game and you block my account? I tell you something: I started using the game glitch you haven't been able to fix for years! Because I'm fed up with the lazy attitude of BHG devs not doing...
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    Retrain troops formation gets lost if not immediately used after battle

    Since the space age update, when coming from a multiplayer battle, the retrain formation and hence the option to retrain by watching an ad gets lost if retrain is not used immediately. If you close that retrain dialogue and then want to use it later, it's not available anymore and your troop...
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    Not received any gifts for upgrading to space age

    Instead, the messenger who is supposed to bring gifts after upgrading is stuck on the base. Very annoying and disappointed not getting those promised gifts and troop tactics.
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    Event progress goals not showing anymore

    With the start of today's new event, the progress tabs don't show the number you have to achieve unless you unlock them one by one. This is very annoying because players now cannot estimate anymore if the event is worth trying for them or if they will be able to complete it within the event's...
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    Not received crowns for completing offer

    I already contacted IronSource with proof attached and they simply rejected my complaint without giving any reason. This is fraud. I spent many hours to complete the order and I should get 4752 crowns as it was during the doubled offerings.
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    Armory not showing remaining time for slot 1

    Yes, the issue still persists.
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    CWA rush only until 08/19? Is this a mistake?

    Within the game CWA rush is announced as ending on 08/19. Is this a mistake? Shouldn't CWA rush last til 08/26? If it ends on 08/19 already, many player's upgrade plans are screwed. Please clarify.
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    Cannot switch between two accounts on Android anymore

    I disconnect from Google Play Games, then reconnect choosing another Google account. Usually a dialogue prompt comes up, asking to load the other account's base. But since the update it simply connects with the other account and keeps the base of my first account. Anyone have this issue as well?
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    Armory not showing remaining time for slot 1

    As the title says. But it's only at the overview. When looking it up at the upgrading item itself, the time shows though.
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    Instant retrain no longer available?

    I found this new feature very useful. However, instant retrain by watching a video hasn't been available for days now. Did they remove this feature?
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    Heavy Tank speed

    Those heavy tanks are way too slow and because of this become pretty much useless when attacking players of your own level or above. Heavy Tanks need a speed buff. Or at least they should be immune to barbed wire traps or less slowed down than other troops.
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    Does the weapon blessing boost factory troops as well?

    Description of that blessing only mentions troops from barracks. I assume the weapon blessing has no effect on factory troops then, is this correct?
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    Any advice on how to attain dynasty league (3200 medals)?

    I'd like to achieve the 3200 medals task to get those 2000 crowns reward. However, it's very tedious so far. So I wonder if there's a faster and more efficient way to get there. What strategy and troop combination do you guys use for hunting those medals?
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    German translation error in library — War reparations

    In the library "war reparations" had been translated to "Kriegsvorbereitungen". This is obviously wrong and probably the translator wrongly read "war preparations". The German translation for "war reparations" however is "Kriegsreparationen". Preparation = "Vorbereitung" Reparation =...
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    Editor removes buildings in other layout slots if a tree has grown

    This is very annoying. I wanted to edit a base layout just to find out two pieces of wall had been removed because a tree has grown there. Unfortunately all villagers are at work, so I can't remove the tree. Trees should not grow at places where buildings are, no matter on which layout slot.
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    Show a countdown timer for Marco Polo's arrival

    Instead of force focusing on Polo's spot when logging in (a totally annoying crap 'feature'), please show a countdown timer for Marco Polo's arrival, similar to the countdown timer on the shipyard/dock.
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    Game crashes after viewing an ad video

    Dominations crashes very often after viewing an ad. Anyone has this issue too?
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    Provide 'Start Attack' button directly from view of enemy's WW base

    Before starting an attack in World War, players usually examine the enemy's WW base. However, after you have figured out an attack plan and want to start the battle, you have to go back to World War map first, from where you then select that base and start the attack. It'd be much better if...
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    See troop combination of an attacker in World War

    In World War replays you can see the attacker's troop loss at the end. However, it'd be also interesting to see the exact troop combination they started the attack with. Seeing and counting the attacker's troops on the battlefield is not really accurate or telling.