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    Cheating !

    How is it possible for someone to attack your base with 64 MK1 tanks and 2 Zepplins , something should be done about the cheaters in this game , all in all I would like to see this player gone , why is it that they don't pay more attention to this , I will get rid of this game and stop playing...
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    How in the hell is it possible for someone to attack you with 64 MK1 Tanks and 2 Zepplin , my base didn't have a chance in hell , this cheater must be band from this game . Also how is it possible that they do not pay attention the this stuff , the person that attacked me was apple31420 , PLEASE...
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    Can we do something about the cheaters , I came across on that was upgrading everything at once ,
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    Booting off while in battle

    I don't play the game as much anymore because it is alway booting off while I am in battle , and always loose all my troops . I just log on now to see if people in my alliance need troops the I log off , sense the new updates this game really suck to be in front of , so until they fix this issue...
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    Moving Trees !

    I noticed that after the update and now that I am in Industrial Age , some of my trees are moving around my base and from time to time there is an empty spot were I did not clear any forest is open but can't put nothing in it's space , sometimes it moves by the river and then then when I come...
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    Alliance Gate is wrong !

    It is said that my Alliance will accept 50 members but for the longest time we can only be 47 , if anyone can fix this issue it would be awesome thx !
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    This game totally unfair

    after the maintenance on May 2 /2015 at 6 pm est , I was put in the minus 5,457 crown , how unfair is that I also lost about 100 medals . Whoever did the job of trying to fix things should be giving a lesson about technology and to do the job right . Well now they thought that they screwed me...
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    Alliance donations

    doesn't make sense to me that I updated my alliance gate to 12 spaces and cannot even give full troops to someone that asks for 9 , doesn't make sense ,!
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    ISO 8.3 !

    new updat came out for ISO 8.3 , I was just wondering if it was good to take ? The last update I took was the ISO 8.2 and the chat didn't work in the game therefore I am worried about taking this one because I don't want the same problem to happen again , thanks .
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    Cancellation button !

    it would be nice to have a cancel button on your troops that you have recruited , the same as per ex , when you are building your troops there is a minus button on them to ad less or more or even different troops , to have a cancel or even a minus button on the troops that already built . I know...
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    Score reset !

    is it possible to send an email 24 hours before the scores are going to be reset , just trying to keep track of the troops play thank you .
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    Alliance Invitation ?

    As leader of an alliance , just wondering how the invitation botton works . If I lock it after so many members , would people send me an invitation to join my alliance or would I personally have to invite people to join , not sure how it work , can anyone give me somewhat of an idea , Thanks .
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    Cancelation !

    Would I be totally wrong to suggest a cancel button in your troop department , for example , let's just say after building your troops , you have decided to go with another kind , or even to revenge , in the troop department you should be able to click on one to cancel or to recuit a deferent...
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    How disappointing is that ! You chose a general to go into battle for 8,000 food , after the battle is complete all surviving troops return and even if the general you chose did good in battle , it does not return , you have to wait another 24 hours to get another one . It should be like the...
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    Players info !

    In the alliance , they should work on the players info , where there from , male or female and or age group .
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    Fruit trees and animal !

    i myself find it so ridiculous , that you depend on the trees to give you your cider after waiting the time it take but get food added to your score instead of what your looking for , and with that comment same goes for the mines , you wait to get your iron and get coins instead , also the...
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    When going into battle , what would be the first thing that I would look for in order to secure any medal , I know that it has been said to aim for the town center within the first minute of battle , but that doesn't seem to always work . Any suggestions ! Thanks
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    Medieval Age

    In the town center , if you realized after playing the game , is it possible to change from Japanese to roman, for example or one of the other groups ?
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    More Mining

    In my opinion, there should be more mining done on our land , Because on our land now , we get to mine gold , but it is so frustrating when you are waiting for your diamonds to come that there should be a task for the viligers to do some diamond mining onsite ( at a cost of course ) , also on...
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    Game crashing

    The game glitches when you try to load it .hope this is fixed soon , when the game loads the Domination screen stays half on the screen before it loads . Thanks guy's, other then my issues, grate game , thanks yo whomever put it together .