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    Game only leads me to new village

    Did you ever get your problem fixed? I am having a somewhat similar problem and can’t seem to get any help to fix it. I have years invested in the game but feel like if they don’t help me fix my issue (it is in a thread I started) I might as well give up and go find another game to play
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    Can’t get to my “real” account after switching to new iPad

    B like Big Bug, thanks for the reply. In the help it implies that if I finish the tutorial that they forced me into on the new iPad, I will get a chance to go back to my old account. Anyone know how the devil you get to the end of the tutorial. I have worked my way into the bronze age and spent...
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    Can’t get to my “real” account after switching to new iPad

    I got a new iPad last week. Transferred everything over from my old iPad and wiped the old one. Started up Dominations on the new iPad this weekend and was forced into a tutorial. Did what seemed like all the tutorial but it was tough to tell and now stuck with a stone age account instead of...
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    Chat not available?

    Chat has not been available for me for the past 12 hours or so. I can’t request or receive any donations of troops from my alliance because of this. Is this a common problem? Harry