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    Camoflage and Beacon towers(War Strategy)

    Ding Ding Ding!! :D A new war strategy just crossed my mind! Well the head topic name speaks for itself. I think that it would be a great idea, if we could camoflage our offensive troops witch means that they can attack buildings and deffenders without being seen, and take damage of course...
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    Yellow Circle

    This thing is driving me nuts. I restart the game several times and my connection is as it allways been. It was better before the 2 updates. But now... It appears more offen then i get hungry lol :P
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    More Blessing types

    I think that there should be more blessings like: Caravan blessing = Increases the income of caravans for a limited time (like 1 hour or something). Farm blessing = Works the same as Caravan blessing but on farms. Barack blessing = increases the troop space for a one 1 attack usage. Trade Good...
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    What the heck is this??? I just attacked it! It seems everything is doubled here and weired 😳
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    Upgrade Range and fire speed.

    Dont you think that it would be cool, if we could upgrade the fire speed and the attacking range in towers and units at the library? :) Or at least make them better when we go through ages :)
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    Attacking over walls

    Whats the point of having walls surrounding your buildings, when archers or the long ranched units can shoot above it?? Change it please, and let the walls go down first before attacking the buildings behind it :)
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    Some Bonuses / Reward after battle

    If We destroy reasource buildings we recive a reasource bonus, if we destroy all defensive buildings, all surviving tropps returns home, but i think that there should be more bonuses :) like if we destroy the baracks we should get like a timer that counts down from 30 minutes or somthing. And...
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    More animals to Hunt

    How about adding more animals to hunt? like: 1. Birds, Eagles Ect. (In the old ages we could place a trap and put some bread/food in the ground and when the bird flies down to eat, the citizens pull a rope and a big cage falls and traps the bird :) 2. Fish, sharks, Shrimps, Octopus, mussels /...
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    The Dock

    The Dock is near the water side and when you klick at it, you will see the time remaining before your next daily reward, but... Dont you think that the dock should change its apperance when we evolve?? I mean it would look stupid if its still has the same look (built with wood) if we are in the...
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    I think that it would be nice, since the attackers have the medic caravans to cure their troops.. The defenders should be able to cure thenselves also. And the higher level the hospital is, the more it can cure pr second and the bigger the radius should be. I mean all injured troops within the...
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    When you win a war (Offense and Deffense), build nightclubs, bars, amusements park ect on each age (Actually its just some ideas on how people can get happy), people or the citizens should work better on the task i put them in. For example happy people should build / hunt faster than normal...
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    World map with players!

    I think that it would be nice if the game was changed in a different way. I mean it would be nice if we have an option to go in a world map, moving it around with our fingers, find a player on that map and choose to attack, send a message or colonize. I know that we cant send messages and...