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    Hit the reset button, thanks Ironangel

    I clearly upset someone with my profile picture, so my account was reset and my picture removed for me, password no longer worked. No communication, no explanation (although I probably didn't need one to be fair). But I would expect Ironangel to see the humour in it even if he/she didn't like...
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    How do I tell if I was banned?

    I haven't been able to post for about a week now. How do I see if I was banned? There was no notice in my inbox that I could see. I don't think I have posted anything that would warrant a ban, wouldn't I have to be made aware of the offence? (So I don't do it again... ;))
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    Does anyone know...

    What happens at the end of the season in the leagues. Is there any reason to pursue this? Do you win crowns or resources for "winning" the season?
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    What are Seasons for?

    I've been playing for months but have never seen any use of the seasons in the league tables? What do the winners get?
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    What is your cut off point?

    There are a lot of frustrating issues that we put up with, but we all have different tolerance levels. Some of us would put up with a lot more and others are possibly on the brink of quitting. I think it would be a good temperature check that the mods can report back on (should they choose to...
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    where's whatwhat now...

    The Tim Train message was a good bit of reading this weekend. Encouraging at least. If the post is proves to be accurate and we see a swift positive change, someone should invite whatwhat back (if he hasn't moved on too much). He was a very useful contributor. Also... I do think that it's a...
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    I'm not trying to derail Domi Vigiles work, but this is quite interesting...

    I thought with the Nexon communication issues we've been having since the dawn of the game, it may be fair to see how they track elsewhere. This game may just be a glitch in their processes. I know that Domi Vigiles is trying to re-assure us and I'm starting to warm to the things he's saying so...
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    winning defence but still losing medals

    I've had this a few times too. I thought it was a glitch. I noticed it because after being attacked and losing with 4 stars, I had no peace treaty. So I got wiped again. When I saw the replay it was 4 stars but the log said 2, and no peace treaty so I got hit an hour later! and the same thing...
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    Kiwi Boere

    Looking for an alliance, from SA to NZ? New land, new home, same old values. Love the new country but our blood is still green, (but happy for you to join if you've gone All Black too! :)) No medal limit or minimum level needed. Search for "Kiwi Boere"
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    rebuild issues

    Can you please help me with rebuilding my town? When I put the walls down I often get gaps that can't get filled. Is there something that I'm doing wrong? Here is a picture of what I mean: See the bottom corner.
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    Try and beat these tactics. 10/10 !!!!

    Sorry to put this in here but, I have posted these in the bugs and issues forum, but most of the posts there have only one post and a few views, therefore no reply. That is a clear sign to me that people who can fix it aren't reading it. See the stars and age?
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    Cool cities to have...

    Has anyone else seen these? See the star count and the age and what is on the screen.
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    Of crowns and troop upgrades...

    Is it possible to loot crowns or someone to loot them off you? And I am currently moving in to a new age and thought that I shouldn't bother with upgrading my troops (in the blacksmith), because the next age will give me new and better troops. Am I missing something there? Thanks.
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    Research to synchronise hunting

    I think one of the things to research can be improved hunting techniques. The result acn just be as simple as synchronising the hunters' spear throws, so that the animal is hunted faster. At the moment I can get 6 people hunting a bear and only 1 person's spear hits when the bear is standing...
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    What happens next?

    I read that this game is still in beta. Does that mean that when they do the proper launch, we all start from the dawn age again, or do we continue as is? Also, if we continue as we are and it becomes a purchased game do we pay full price? Not sure what normally happens in this situation.
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    Relics and ruins

    I see on many maps people have kept the relics (looks like a big head) in their camp. I have just been selling these as I uncover them. What is the benefit to keeping them and can they be stolen by others or can I steal theirs?