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    Using your play-style to guide your early game

    Hey all, Made an early-game guide, inspired by The Secret (a written guide to DomiNations). Hope this helps!
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    An open letter to players who suck (and inactives)

    Just gonna leave this here:
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    The worst attacks I've ever seen

    Beware, these might make you uncomfortable
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    These attacks hurt my eyes

    I put together some of the worst attacks I've ever seen, and this is what came out:
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    How I have over 1,000 troop tactics

    I did a short video on how I've accumulated over 1,000 troop tactics over my years of playing in a competitive alliance. Don't ever pay a dime for troop tactics with this strategy!
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    Information Age Patch Commentary

    Hi everyone! Here's my take on the long-awaited Information Age Patch. Let me know what your thoughts...
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    Video about War Base Design

    Hi guys, I run a DomiNations YouTube channel, and wanted to share a video I recently did on base design. Let me know what you think!
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    Alliance donations glitched

    I'm not sure if there was any attempt to fix this glitch, but there is still an issue with receiving alliance troops if you're not online with the chat open, staring at your request. If you request and then you close chat or leave, whether you actually receive the troops or not is a coin toss...
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    DomiNations YouTube channel

    Hi everyone, wanted to share my YouTube channel with everyone here. I make DomiNations guides and breakdowns, and hope my videos can help as many people as possible to get better at the game! Here's my latest video:
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    Unable to retrieve a video at this time

    This has been happening to me increasingly more often, but whenever I try to watch a video for the video rewards, an error will pop up saying "Unable to retrieve a video at this time". Closing and restarting the game doesn't help.
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    Notification for war ending soon

    Could we get a game notification for when the war is ending soon? Maybe it will only notify us if we have not used both of our attacks yet. I'm sure it'll help with war participation for people who aren't always on.
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    improving stronghold troop tactic interface

    Is there any way to make the stronghold troop tactic selection more user friendly, especially for those of us who have saved up a lot of them? How about: 1. search bar so we can look up troop tactics 2. a total number in the corner so we know how many troop tactics we have in total 3. a...
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    Ability to rearrange troops/tactics in attacking bar

    I’m thinking this feature could be really nice for more experienced attackers: When I’m attacking, I always have a certain deploy order in mind. Right now, you have to scroll around everywhere to get your deploy order off quickly, or sometimes you can mess up the deploy order because you’re...
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    Alliance troop requests keep disappearing or failing to fill

    Whenever me or members of my alliance request troops, we have to keep the chat window open or else our request disappears before it is filled. At other times, alliance members will donate troops to me but I never receive them on my end. Any idea what the issue behind this is? It now takes...