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    Suggestion for War Search

    Dear BHG: Currently the war search in 30 v 30 category takes a very long time and on a few occasions close 8hrs sometimes. While you can optimise the search algorithm and reduce it there is one easy way to reduce the wait time by ....... Give us an option to search for a war in advance before...
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    New Training times should be default

    Hi Nexon, The anniversary celebration related boosts for training (tactics and airstrip) are exactly what it should be as default. It allows us to play more and attack more which I suppose is in your vested interest as well :-). Can you please make this the default training times after the event...
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    APC after University upgrades

    Has anyone tried attacking with the full APC upgrades from university and armoury? I was expecting APC to be back into everyone’s arsenal but havent seen it yet so was wondering. The interesting changes which I though would help APC back was 3 additional troops being deployed and APC health...
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    6 Stars per Town in WW

    Suggestion: In a war right now we have 5* as max that can be got from an attack. I suggest that you expand this to 6* with the additional one for 90% destruction. Reasoning: There is a huge difference between 75% destruction and 100% destruction. It is possible to get a 3* easily on tough...
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    Civilisation name in Defence list

    Another request for a feature.... @Nexon: Can you please add the name of the civilisation in the list of opponents who have attacked your base? This way collecting specific NTGs will become easier as I can do a revenge attack :-). Right now I just ignore them snd thank them for the crowns!
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    Collateral Damage for Bombers

    Disclaimer I hate bombers especially given that my level is still a blimp though my fighters are maxed out.... :-) BHG: Please make the bomber damage such that they cause damage to even friendly troops. I hate the fact that people get 3 maxed bombers and run amok on the base. My SH and Fort...
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    Cheaters will prosper!

    Another Space Age cheater screenshot.
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    Number of active players...

    There have been past discussions on the actual number of accounts who are actively playing the game and very wide ranging numbers were thrown out. I thought this leaderboard could be a great way to keep track of ‘active’ ranking. So here is my request.... If you have an alt account which you...
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    Steep targets for events at Spaceage

    A target of 437 - final level is just way too steep. I used to finish events like these in 3-4 days and now in Space age I am happy to reach level 3 and cant think of finishing the next 2 levels in 1 day. Nexon please change this.
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    Post your travel pictures here

    #1 - Travel pic of the day
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    Post your travel pictures here

    Wandering through the dominations cities sometimes I see these towns which are so memorable that I feel everyone should see. Such towns are of no interest to CS anyway but may be all of us should post our travel photos here so that Nexon knows how beautiful and widespread it is. So please...
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    Reduced Fragments from multiplayer war after update

    For everybody’s information please see below CS response: They are yet to decide if it is an unannounced feature or a bug :-) ROFL! ________________ Hello there, This is YYY of DomiNations. What you’re seeing with your Fragments is not an isolated case, but rather something that has been...
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    Suleiman Research

    Has anyone completed Suleiman Research at the university? I am CWA with maxed offence (except Hannibal) and starting on defensive upgrades. I am starting (25%) on Saladin and yet to start on Suleiman. So was wondering if I should start or not. The problem that I see with Suleiman is the benefits...
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    Retrain Issue

    Bug report: The retrain option after a WW or MP attack is not working (even today) after the fixes. The last unit killed is getting left out if I select the General for free health restore. If I don’t select the general it works correctly.
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    Annoying Sound

    I have turned off all music and sound in the settings even then when I click on war button I get some annoying (creepy?) sound.
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    Friendly Challenges

    I keep getting mixed understanding of how friendly challenges work. So a few questions: 1. Do the current active blessings impact the troop attack? 2. If you have an offensive coalition it shows in the report but I am not sure if it impacts as my decoy is a normal one without any boost. So...