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    VIP Bonuses Bug?

    What’s the question?
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    have seen a lot of ideas on upgrade/research time

    Generally I see requests to lower the times for the earlier ages, which makes sense from a business standpoint. I rarely see people asking for highest age times to be reduced (except when the new age releases. I expect drone age times approaching a month). the early ages aren’t competitive like...
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    Summer of Ages 2022?

    Quite a few suggestions have been made to cut the build and research times for lower ages. In order to pressure higher age players to crown and improve quickly, there needs to be more competition. At this point, I think Space Age and lower ages should have all build and research times cut in half.
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    Saving sets in Museum and see VIP level

    Item sets have been a glaring hole in using the museum and should be implemented. It’s certainly been suggested before. I’m a big ”NO” on seeing peoples VIP level. Nobody needs to know what other people spend their money on.
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    New version of Forum

    Going to take some time to get used to it, for sure
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    Upgrading your castle/fort

    The original post was six years ago. Hard to blame the guy for not going Atomic back then.
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    Take my money!

    BHG, I want to send you some money. I want to buy a legendary artifact, for US Dollars. Please let me know where I can do that. I don’t want to have a ‘chance’ at getting one. Please take my money! Otherwise I’m keeping it. Savate
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    General Ranking Dominations

    Which, by the way, is horrible. Every alliance should be able to see their own position in the ranking. In general, there is a massive information gap in this game, which is why dominations.pl was so popular. Would truly love to see better/more information about alliances and players, even if...
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    Parliament Constribution

    The lack of transparency for parliament contributions is appalling. This game could easily provide more information for alliance leaders to monitor the contributions of members. Seeing all members contributions, and what they’re contributing to would be a big help. Add the information about...
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    Museum War Artifacts Benefits

    One potential problem with this is that you would have to close your alliance on planning day for every war or you will get spies who join just to see the museum sets.
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    Advance notice when you launch new updates

    My understanding is that the developer sends the update to Google and Apple. At that point it is then up to Google and Apple to release it. The developer doesn’t have a final say in when the game drops for download by players. When you see the release notes in the forum, that is your advance...
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    Bastion lvl6 Slow Down Effect 92%

    Planes have been slowed down too
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    Visit today of one admin to Checkout out our progress

    That’s not sketchy at all, lol.
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    Tanksgiving Global Leaderboard

    I’m not seeing this at this point
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    VIP system is not legit in many countries

    Technically true is the point here, of course. 😉 All crown sales.
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    VIP system is not legit in many countries

    The crown purchase page states that all crown purchases earn VIP points. that’s a problem if this crown purchase didn’t give those points.
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    Max space age and food and the event..

    I’m in the same boat, max everything with max resources. Had no problem moving the counter for food or gold. The game counted what I looted/collected, not what could fit in storage.
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    Space Age on the Horizon!

    Lvl 260 would be about 5400 players currently. That’s not many.
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    How are these War Match Ups Happening???? 2300 Glory lost in 3 wars.

    I realize this will be a bit off topic but I’ve seen this come up a couple times in the forums recently. Alliance level, the level gained with alliance XP in wars that give perks, has nothing at all to do with glory gained or lost and also has nothing to do with matchmaking. Sorry about the...
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    2,500 crowns for $0.99

    When something similar happens in another industry, it makes for good arguments on each side: https://thepointsguy.com/2015/02/do-airlines-have-to-honor-mistake-fares/