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    Due to the brief downtime of the game last weekend we'll be compensating all players with 150 Crowns and 3x 1h SpeedUps. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

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    Alianza mexicana reclutando: TheDarkside

    Hola, Somos banda mexicana que buscamos mas gente para guerras emocionantes. Buscamos 2 o 3 miembros extras para poder ejecutar guerras semanales de 10. Guerras semanales. Se lanzan Viernes en la noche o Sabados. Actualmente tenemos cada dos semanas, ya que nos es dificil juntar miembros...
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    Why am I #6?

    Hey, we have a similar "issue" but we normally do 10 or 15 war. Im number 1 as cold age, number 2 atomic, number 3 and 4 space. for what i analyzed, we both have better defense than our space age friends. so i think that matter a lot. Basically we have stronger defense and weaker attack haha...
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    University bug

    So because space age my university bug out. I was 1d11h away from a 8d research and when space age went on, my workers left the university w.o finishing the research. Now research time doesnt go down, if I try to finish with crowns (300) I cant because game is telling me I dont have enough and...
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    Attack Bonus

    I guess its because space age... But now i dont have any reason to be in my medal range. All bases giving me 2800 or more bonus are incredibly hard. Therefore Ill drop my medals.