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  1. J

    Last update unnecessary

    Just a few suggestions since the last update. I have played this game since launch (>2 years) and this is the worst update I've seen. - When searching for multiplayer opponents it now takes a very long time to cycle through, sometimes takes half an hour to find someone I want to attack. - The...
  2. J

    Join Churchill. Mostly industrial alliance.

    We have space for players looking for an advanced alliance. We currently have around 20 players in industrial age, one global age and the rest enlightenment. We go to war a day after one ends so you'll get plenty of action. Join Churchill, look for the st Georges flag. Jeffmoonchop
  3. J

    Cannons out of town centre when defending ?

    if you've requested troops and are donated cannons, when you are attacked the donated troops defend your town centre. Means if you want to attack with cannons donated you have to request again.
  4. J


    As leader of Churchill alliance I invite high levelled players to join a winning alliance. All 45 current members participate in war and attack twice. Slackers not tolerated. We ask a minimum of 1000 medals to join. Im currently level 144 with 1650 medals. We donate maxed out troops but ask you...
  5. J

    Copy War Base Layout

    I am also annoyed by this
  6. J

    Crashed upon attack in World War

    and yes they have updated to the latest version which supposedly fixed the crash issue.
  7. J

    Crashed upon attack in World War

    Many of my alliance are having the same problem consistently. I know you've said it can be the devices memory but that just isn't the case because I know for a fact that one member uses a brand new phone the latest Samsung galaxy S6 and it crashes for him consistently. Its a problem because we...
  8. J

    Cant connect to server.

    it was in the notification. don't know if its my ID thought it was an error code
  9. J

    Cant connect to server.

    After the update today I played for a while then logged out and later tried to log in again but I keep getting: 'Unable to connect with the server. Check your internet connection and try again.' Never had this before and need to get on to lead my alliance Churchill after winning our last war. It...
  10. J

    Chat notifications

    I'm leader of Churchill alliance and its really hard to get messages to people when the chat doesn't tell you you have notifications when you first log in. You get notifications when you are logged in but not previous chat notifications for whilst you're online. Also adding private messaging...
  11. J

    For England - Churchill

    Hi guys Im a level 135 leader of Churchill an alliance for high level English speakers. We go to war so be ready! We fight for England! Need a minimum of 800 medals.
  12. J

    attacked once but no attacks remaining

    Hi I have only attacked once in the war but it says i have no attacks left. I have looked on the war attacks page to see if i accidently attacked twice but no only once. Tried restarting the game and reseeting my phone. Nothing works. I am level 135 leader of Churchill alliance. Some of my...