• Weekend Login Issue
    Due to the brief downtime of the game last weekend we'll be compensating all players with 150 Crowns and 3x 1h SpeedUps. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

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    9.1 Bugs

    After troop donation, the quick retrain button is not available..
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    9.1 Bugs

    Lost ability to quickly retrain after donation.
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    World War hacked bases

    In world war typically a low-age base, when attacked in the game, the game gets disconnected instantly and loses a world war attack. The purpose of this hack is to attract multiple attacks as its an easy 5-star base unaware in our first occurrence we did use many attacks we had reported it. Next...
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    VIP level and probability of success

    This is my observation over the past months and I would like to hear back from other members. VIP level has a direct effect on the probability of success when opening a chest, laws, or museum. ie., Higher the VIP level probability of success is greatly reduced. (my Vip is lvl 9) 1. In the...
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    World War matchup issues

    Matchup method World War alliances are matched base on (a) similar total combatants' "strength" (b) similar Glory count, total strength is the total attacking and the defensive score of a member, similar to levels of a player. The problem that we have is WW has match up was too flawed in the...