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  1. Jo-jo

    How long the purchased Ninja Dojo will last?

    Age is probably the answer now that I think about it. The past specials have had age based pricing
  2. Jo-jo

    How long the purchased Ninja Dojo will last?

    We have several reporting $15 price instead of $20. All are apple accounts. Seems to us to be based on past purchases as the $15 players are all playing free
  3. Jo-jo

    University question. (or is a bug) ?

    We tested the library bonuses on donated troop a long time ago. (about a year) Library bonuses didn't follow donated troops then
  4. Jo-jo

    I thought this game was for adults only...

    Looks like you have two kids in that screenshot...
  5. Jo-jo

    How to look up alliances using Chinese/Korean characters

    Very good tip Parmenion. Thanks for sharing :)
  6. Jo-jo

    When you buy the "Crowns & extra house" bonus do +2 villagers stay as you advance?

    ...but you don't have the house for 6mil to build that became available when your IA town center completed. That's the house you bought
  7. Jo-jo

    Warning: Player "XXXXX" is a cheater...?

    I suspect this isn't a cheat, but instead some corrupted data from that base that causes the game to crash. I run into these sometimes too. The base is always a nice juicy one with full farms and caravans. (At low medals, these bases have nothing much in storage) We also had a player I've known...
  8. Jo-jo

    Question about French tier 1 tank "St-Chamond" health

    Note to self: Add fooking to the bad word whitelist
  9. Jo-jo

    Demolition against Oil Refinery - it's just stupid

    Fight fire with fire I say.This post was on the front page all day when you posted your new thread
  10. Jo-jo

    Command Technology

    Yep. Frequently I get 0 crown retrain cost from the retrain screen now.
  11. Jo-jo

    TACTICS UPGRADES - what the..?

    The Protect tactic upgrade is 2 seconds. That makes it exactly, precisely, 200.00% better than the Sabotage upgrade. :p
  12. Jo-jo


    This is probably the best overall way to spend crowns in the game.
  13. Jo-jo


    I figured out a while back that the first day was 300 crowns. After that it was a flat 123 per day, or 5 crowns per hour. I wonder if they changed the prices?
  14. Jo-jo


    Ravenlord- https://forum.nexonm.com/forum/nexonm-games/dominations/general-discussion-aa/508506-rushing-time-with-crowns-formula
  15. Jo-jo


    The time cost in crowns is a smooth curve for the first 24 hours, for a total of 300 crowns for that first day. After that, it's 5 crowns per hour, or 123 crown per day. It never increases. Because of that fact, you get more value out of crowning long upgrades that take many days WarrenX148 has...
  16. Jo-jo

    Customer Service seems to have no problem with my new ally. Should I?

    If a player is going to cheat, having more builders has to be one of the absolutely worst ways to do it. Think of how far ahead defensively he would be early on and what that would do to him in wars.
  17. Jo-jo

    Guess Which Civilization Just Got Even Worse?

    They do indeed rotate, and that will help a little when the rare nations have a trade good for an unpopular coalition. But the Greeks are so rare players will hunt them to save the trade good for later.
  18. Jo-jo

    I'm convinced Nexon hates me

    As Eddie said, you two should keep us posted on your plans.
  19. Jo-jo

    spinning wheel after 4.1

    As several others have said, we also figured out to use wifi. The new update is not as tolerant of intermittent connections as the older versions. This is a huge problem for a mobile game.
  20. Jo-jo

    spinning wheel after 4.1

    We have a player facing the same problem. He tried reinstalling, but to no avail.