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  1. grooveboy

    Latest update renders game unplayable

    I have a samsung view 18 inch tablet and when I go to play the game it says new update available but when I go to the play store it says THIS APP ISNT COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR DEVICE ANYMORE CONTACT DEVELOPERS FOR MORE INFO I have been playing this game since 2017 and im not paying over $1000 for a...
  2. grooveboy

    Are players using loot cheats ?

    How is that because when I loot a base, if it has 5000 in oil and I have a loot bonus I will get a little over 6000. Where do you get a loot bonus of 150% ?
  3. grooveboy

    Are players using loot cheats ?

    Hey Guys Ive been playing this game since 2017 and I have never seen a loot bonus that grants a player more than double of the available loot and this has happened to me many times. Is this a cheat that some players are using ?
  4. grooveboy

    Simultaneously Upgrading All Structures?

    I play as Emperor Akira and I attacked a player that was upgrading all of his buildings, how is this possible if you only have 16 citizens and no Villas ?
  5. grooveboy

    Google play doesnt have the game ?

    I tried updating the game and it says at the play store 'ITEM NOT FOUND'. I did this on my tablets and phone by typing in the search Dominations and the game does not show up. When I go to my account under APP AND GAMES and select UPDATES, INSTALLED and LIBRARY, The game doesn't show up.
  6. grooveboy

    ''High Explosives'' Library Book Thumbnail is Disturbing

    To put it in the words of a 3 years old 'LOOK MOMMY 3 DOGGIE PEEPEE'
  7. grooveboy

    Please get rid of this most worthless building

    GET RID OF MUSEUM This is a total waste of time, resources and crowns which to me is basically a CROWN TRAP. It tends to be confusing with blueprints and benefactors...it is just plain stupid. Where in history has a government built a museum next to one of their military bases in order to...
  8. grooveboy

    3 questions

    Hey guys, I was scouting some bases and I happened across this one base that had this building with this weird purple ring around it. [1] Can anyone tell me what building this is, what it does and how can I get it. [2] Where can I buy the elephant Stables ? In the inventory menu there's one...