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  1. Quang t legend

    Combat Rebalance Stage Three Patch Notes

    there are 3 stages as here https://forum.nexonm.com/forum/nexonm-games/dominations/general-discussion-aa/633135-design-spotlight-combat-rebalance After that, there will be another spot light that balance armor cars and the rest of the buildings. Expect all the rest of the buildings increase hp 3x.
  2. Quang t legend

    New strongest nations after rebalance

    he would say Indonesian, Turks, Russian are the best ...:-)
  3. Quang t legend

    @Tin & team, MRLs - were they beefed up? are the stats correct now?

    test them vs buildings in chalenge give a number much more than that. My max German MRL 2 get a shot about 7500-8000 damage per volley, presume 5.4 second for each volley.
  4. Quang t legend

    Leonardo and Sejong

    if you do not finish the major Cold War defense buildings then the most important to get to Cold War first. Opera is good for that.
  5. Quang t legend

    Nexon fails at math again

    No use talking math to someone believes in elephants in Atomic Age!
  6. Quang t legend

    Which nation do you think is really missing from our game?

    I am waiting for a country that have unique bazooka troops!:D
  7. Quang t legend

    It’s time to reduce the Old University Leaders’ study times

    Manifesto perhaps i should say everyone old or new should get to Atomic (or Global) fast. Because otherwise new players will not join this game and we, existing players will become targets for Nexon to dig more money!! I saw an other time-based game like this give incentives to everyone, but...
  8. Quang t legend

    It’s time to reduce the Old University Leaders’ study times

    I think they are not enough to attract new players who start a few years late. It should be a way for fresh new players to catch up with old players, at least to go to Atomic Age fast without paying big for crown.
  9. Quang t legend

    Crown offers are just getting ridiculous

    I think it is a mistake. Nexon made mistake before and will make mistake again! But I have to say their mistake repeated too often! Even the mistakes fixed in early version find their ways back in later patches.
  10. Quang t legend

    Heavy tanks vs regular tanks for British IA

    3 APCs is the best. The infantry has higher damage and can survive the high explosive mine! if you try Ht, then one HT is enough to go with main army. (you need to take care of silo by other means) I know. You don't have APC in IA. but save the time of uprading tanks and rush to higher age
  11. Quang t legend

    university research vs. xp gain

    Cold War is the priority but you don't need to build everything to rush it. Just build the things you need, attack ability then defense. You can try some fast uni tech, 5 days or shorter. Get to Cold War early will help you with resource in the long run. It is much easier to get oil, food,gold...
  12. Quang t legend

    7 months after Missile Silo, are you happy with it

    People still full attack in MP but they switch to much easy bases. Less fun. The bottleneck in MP is air planes and tactics training. To encourage full MP attack again these thing need to train faster.
  13. Quang t legend

    Why some people won't show their real level?

    war loot depend on your age and the target age, and if your team win or lose.
  14. Quang t legend

    Why some people won't show their real level?

    Let they under estimate you is good strategy in War! And road upgrade is a waste of time for war, better use your workers on something that fires!
  15. Quang t legend

    Freshly constructed building during world war

    I think not. You need finish the buildings before war start. The new buildings may work on challenge or view but not function in real war. I remember to check real war replays for that. Some buildings feature like Factory spawn heavy tank when destroyed still work as soon as you start build...
  16. Quang t legend

    Is Forbidden City useless nowadays?

    So that is 20% with FC. KA50 is 0SH so they have more reason to use Colo The next Alliance is GA Soul, I see 2 FC in top 5. (40%)
  17. Quang t legend

    Is Forbidden City useless nowadays?

    FC is less effective than before, but nothing from "useless". And no, not everyone can 5 star any base with FC!
  18. Quang t legend

    Leonardo and Sejong

    Yeah, never wait for the capstone to start on the other useful research. But if you don't start it now, it will take too long to finish the Capstone because you can only research one tech at a time. A mid road is always put at least 2 workers in Da Vincy. So when you finish your buildings, you...
  19. Quang t legend

    Leonardo and Sejong

    Don't forget getting research early has the benefits! If you didn't get to Cold War Age then concentrate on the buildings to CW first and go with Sydney Opera, but don't upgrade all the buildings, only the most useful buildings. And still get the easy research for immediate benefits, usually...
  20. Quang t legend

    Leonardo and Sejong

    Narrower your choices. My plan is getting the De Vinci Capstone first. It is the easiest because the time is lower and you will need those high level heavy tank tech in later age. Sejong is useless in higher research level, so probably don't get his capstone. Get the Atomium Wonder, use crown...