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  1. Penambangliar

    Cheater Türk Beyliği 0SH, proudly presents...

    It was Nexon fault also, we can exploit that bugs with a little bit effort. It is working well when you on a low-level medal.
  2. Penambangliar

    Anti Stag Exploit Measures Are Overkill

    I got banned 3 days because hunting stag yesterday
  3. Penambangliar

    fastest attack time ?

    You can using all your finger to deploy troops, as long as your device supported it. Lol
  4. Penambangliar

    How can this not be cheating????

    Wellcome to bugnations game.
  5. Penambangliar

    Join 0SH

    Haha. I know the guy who can fill SH with Elephants Archer without participating on war. Even to change your ID Name also.
  6. Penambangliar

    Has Dominations peaked and the company is now milking all they can get?

    He also fill SH with elephant Archer without participated on war. Lol
  7. Penambangliar

    Has Dominations peaked and the company is now milking all they can get?

    I am stop to buy crown after my friend tell me that dominations security is suck. He can create iron to max atomic only one night. Wtf He give me the access to play the cheat ID just to prove. And the last make shock, he know my ID number and change his name also. The first thing nexon to do...
  8. Penambangliar

    Troop AI Worse than ever!

    They should go to base if target was destroyed.
  9. Penambangliar

    Alliance Perks

    It is not glicth, alliance troop req also -3 since we are on perk 1
  10. Penambangliar

    RIP tactical helio

    Its hard to protect or dealing with sniper tower.
  11. Penambangliar

    Missile Silo = Good Bye British Shooter Spam

    Please share your replay or attack log, how your howies survived on multiplayer?
  12. Penambangliar

    APC question

    My infantry HP and DPS lower than infantry spawn from APC. Maybe APC have own infantry.
  13. Penambangliar

    New Library Technology Comment

    It is not basic infantery, APC infantery have big different HP and DPS with your infantery from barrack.
  14. Penambangliar

    DomiNations Higher Learning! v5.7.5 Update Notes

    " Research 4 new techs: War Reparations, Sentries, Mobile Forces, and Rotorcraft " what is about?
  15. Penambangliar

    Tactical helicopter: the new demolition(oil scavenger)

    With proper layout, tactical helicopter easy to shoot down. I have 250k oil and i am boring to waiting tactical helicopter to attack.
  16. Penambangliar

    Why do not you make medals ?

    Nice post. If you dont like attacked by tactical helicopter or raider, just climb the medal.
  17. Penambangliar

    upgrading APC, is it worth it?

    It is worth it if they increase hp or damage of infantery spawn
  18. Penambangliar

    Two changes for the worst - both oil related.

    I just put 2 towers, fort & 2 air defs in the helicopter way. It is working well so far. Also 1 lvl 5 sam. Lol
  19. Penambangliar

    Fair play rules for tactical helicopters

    I am lvl 214, with proper base raider n tactical heli mostly failed in my base. I happy to see if they loss 5 tactical heli and they get nothing. 5 tactical heli need 20 minutes to train except for france nation.
  20. Penambangliar

    Steppe Warfare Event

    APC discount also, nice strategy form nexon. So we speed up building factory level 7 using crowns.