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  1. Freightshaker

    DomiNations Update 11.13 - Defenders and Queen Seondeok

    How do we deactivate our gens now that the button is gone? Edit- Seems you can remove gens using the bottom troop bar
  2. Freightshaker

    Donation bug is back - again

    Not happy donating mk11 hts for them to disappear. It gets expensive after awhile.
  3. Freightshaker

    Donation Bug

    The donation bug is back since last update. Troops are disappearing after donation and not reaching their destination.
  4. Freightshaker

    Donation bug is back - again

    Same with our alliance. Most troops get lost in transit.
  5. Freightshaker

    Information age discount

    Also notice; Digital gets only 1 week instead of 2.
  6. Freightshaker

    Players with name Leader

    We are currently fighting France Est 67 and will suggest this. EDIT- It's disappointing that alliances are allowed to continue fighting like this.
  7. Freightshaker

    9.1 Bugs

    I've been playing for over 5 years and I've always discounted the whole "game is unplayable" hyperbole, but this time it is a correct assessment. War is difficult at best, with many donations, when you're allowed to donate (please wait...), being lost and chat messages, when chat is working...
  8. Freightshaker


    You would think that anything you can buy in the Store would use a "build" speed up.
  9. Freightshaker

    no more free crowns?

    This is just horrible! Everyone, boycott the video's until this is changed!!
  10. Freightshaker

    Space age soon?

    People rush to finish upgrades and are now bored. Hmmm.......
  11. Freightshaker

    Veterans benefit - write your account age here

    July 2015. Level 244 CWA. What a long strange trip it's been.
  12. Freightshaker

    Museum idea

    Older? It's not as if I just turned 51 last month...
  13. Freightshaker

    Museum idea

    I just tap through all the initial creation screens and look at them/sell from the storage screen.
  14. Freightshaker

    HTs and Fighters seems back to normal!

    My mk6's have been getting beat up for the last week.
  15. Freightshaker

    high level general expedition bonus?

    Yup. Nobunaga has been on many, many expeditions.
  16. Freightshaker

    no more free crowns?

    It gets really tiring sometimes. Everyone complains and wants to quit the game; I'm considering quitting the forum.
  17. Freightshaker

    BHG...Please fix the Fighters

    I have noticed lately that aircraft are targeting, but not hitting, targeted troops.
  18. Freightshaker

    no more free crowns?

    No, no!! It's horrible!! Today I got 25 crowns, an air training blessing, 2 ninja armies, and some trade goods all for about 3 minutes of my time. This is such a travesty and must be stopped!!! The horror...
  19. Freightshaker

    Attack Helicopter Healing

    I'm using up to 9 in combination with MLR, Tac Helios, and HT. I'm 5* ing most bases in the 2400 medal range.