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  1. Magnifico

    Estate Feedback Thread (Merged)

    I am a long-time gamer. I take my fun seriously. I have taught my daughters that it's worth paying real money for games that are made with love and care and designed from the ground up to entertain and delight you. By the same token, I have told them that it's not worth wasting time and money...
  2. Magnifico

    What's the current housing market doing?

    That would be nice, sponge but the update notes "Starting in the Medieval Age, the luxurious Estate can be purchased from the Treasure tab in the Store". Nothing in there costs Gold; only real money and Crowns. Given that choice, I'm hoping for Crowns.
  3. Magnifico

    What's the current housing market doing?

    Posting the update notes for 4.7 made me think the update was coming very soon. But if the product team is still taking feedback on how much the estate is going to cost, that suggests that you haven't even finished it yet, let alone submitted it to the app store. Can you give us some sense of...
  4. Magnifico

    Growing or not?

    A big difference between Civilization and more direct precursors to this game like Age of Empires (and BHG's first game, Rise of Nations) is that the earlier games were what are now called "premium" games, as opposed to free-to-play. Since the developers of premium games got their money up...
  5. Magnifico

    Apparently the UTC clock in the inbox is not official

    I had the resources together for the upgrade three days before the event was supposed to end, but wouldn't have time to play over the weekend. Also, my workers weren't going to be free until the 19th at UTC 13:55:00. So I spent 200 crowns on a peace treaty so I'd be sure to be able to afford...
  6. Magnifico

    Apparently the UTC clock in the inbox is not official

    Look, I know how to tell time. The discount was already gone before 14:00:00 UTC. Both my own clocks AND the in-game UTC timer showed this. The problem is that their event ended before they said it was supposed to end.
  7. Magnifico

    Wrong/ early ending time for promotions?

    As Eddie F1 said, I had exactly the same experience with the World Traveler event. I even provided CS with a screenshot showing that it was still before UTC 14:00:00 server time, but they told me that event ended on time. I too spent crowns (on a peace treaty) due to an advertised discount...
  8. Magnifico

    Apparently the UTC clock in the inbox is not official

    I double-checked my iPad clock against the official US time and it is perfectly in sync. So even if the in-game UTC is based on my device clock, that shouldn't make a difference unless (1) the in-game time is not in sync with actual UTC and (2) the "UTC" displayed in the in-game inbox screen is...
  9. Magnifico

    A little history for the Dominations fans!

    Good video; I like the Extra Credits guys. Nice to see Nexon/BHG throw some sponsorship their way. Given that the video was all about peacemaking, I am betting Hiawatha the Great Leader in-game will somehow increase peace treaty lengths, either through research or as a capstone ability.
  10. Magnifico

    EA - when to advance?

    Excellent, sensible advice as usual. What _Flash_ said.
  11. Magnifico

    What General would you want being added to the game?

    It is already going to take me until, like, 2050 to level up the generals I already have. I don't need any more, thanks. I'd rather see limited development resources going towards fixing bugs and improving systems (e.g. ww matchmaking) that are not working in a satisfactory way.
  12. Magnifico

    Perfect Perfect Score

    Most players are not elite world warriors. If defense gets stiffened too much many players would find attacking for resources frustrating and unprofitable. Since that's the heart of the game, it's not a good idea to alter the balance of offense vs. defense in order to improve a much more niche...
  13. Magnifico

    Wonder when Expeditions are coming

    I wouldn't mind something along the lines of a Dorm or Research Institute that gives dedicated university researchers.
  14. Magnifico

    Pump or dump?

  15. Magnifico

    Apparently the UTC clock in the inbox is not official

    According to the announcement in my in-game inbox, the World Traveler event was scheduled to end on 9/19 at 14:00:00 UTC. I wanted to take advantage of the World Traveler event to upgrade my Tank Depot. Since I was going to be away from wifi for the weekend, I even spent 200 crowns on a peace...
  16. Magnifico

    Haiku for You!

    Opening: five beats Middle line has seven beats Last line five again My troops and medals Burned away like morning mist Network Disconnect
  17. Magnifico

    Lots of "network disconnect" issues since update

    We can "reach out" to CS, but it's not like the developers don't know this is happening, so it won't provide any useful information. And it's also not as if CS can do anything to fix it. If you can document losing 39 medals like I did earlier today from a network error they may be good for 100...
  18. Magnifico

    Database Issue!

    Did this happen again? I am timing out after every fight. Nothing more galling that committing your entire air force to cleanup after destroying all defensive buildings only to lose them all to a network error. Somehow, the game remembers that I used the airplanes but not that I destroyed all...
  19. Magnifico

    Coming discount event from 16/9 - 19/9

    Looks like it fits the transportation theme they will have going. I wonder if I can manage to get six workers free to upgrade a stable. Stupid global age . . .
  20. Magnifico

    National Trade goods - latest tweak by Nexon?

    I am seriously considering asking if CS can remove my embassy. I guessed, wrongly, before the University update that leaders would somehow require national trade goods. I had held off on building one before that because I feared, as it turns out with good reason, that having a bunch of...