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    Donating Gold and Food !!!

    Just my opinion... Everyone in clan can request 10k Gold OR Food every 30 mins... So clanmates can help you if you forgot to train troops and used all food for buildings or researchs.
  2. K

    Anti-Cavalry Ideas

    Calvary buff made most unique units became the past... THE PAST... So now, Calvary became unique unit of every nation.
  3. K

    Balancing nations - my tips how to make it better.

    My opinion: British: 5% loot per age (agree, but maximum 30%)... since loot is British's advantage... buff British's Raiders so they can attack resource faster or at least give them more hit points... French: agree... Germans: reduce 2 sec rally cooldown per age... Chinese: 1-2 more villagers...
  4. K

    Much of the player base changed to ROMANS - Final post, I quit the game

    1 question: Romans has only 1 pros that is 10% more troops... If you want to nerf Romans... neft WHAT ?
  5. K

    Can I play 1 account on multiple devices: iOS / Bluestacks ?

    I want to play my account on multiple device, is it possible ? If Yes, pls guide me how to do it. So when I go out I can play it on my phone, and when I come back home, I can play the same account on the larger screen by using Bluestacks. Thank you
  6. K

    angkor wat vs versailles

    Same Question.... Don't know which one to choose
  7. K

    Multiplayer Fight issue. Please fix

    I saw a lot, A LOT people at level 70-80-90 in Bronze Leauge or even lower. Their strategy is: start a fight, send only 1 soldier and End Battle, so they will lose that battle and lost Medals. That's mean they downgrade themselves to the lower leauge to meet and rob weak players or new starters...
  8. K

    Restart the game or change nations/wonders

    There are many threads about this but they were from December 2014 and still nothing happen so I wish we can have it in the upcomming update. Thanks
  9. K

    Romans - Chinese - Japanese

    I'm attack-type person so maybe Romans is the best choice for me but Chinese and Japanese sound great too so i'm confusing a little bit between 3 nations... Help me choose one please. Thank you