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  1. BYTCali82915

    What's your favorite DomiNations memory?

    I miss the days when upgrades took hours and 3-4 days. 2 weeks+ to wait for upgrades is torture. I also enjoyed the days when the assault rally tactic was OP. I am glad it was nerfed but it was fun to wreck bases. Thanks. BYT:cool: Alliance: Quarantined Digital Age, level 287
  2. BYTCali82915

    We war all the time

    We are 37 members strong but need more players to join. We like to war. Our war record is 42-18. Please come and join us. Our alliance name is Cali82915. Thanks. BYT P.S. I don't think these posts really help with recruiting but I hope that things change.
  3. BYTCali82915

    New members after the update

    I am glad I came upon this post because I have been frustrated with the changes concerning recruiting new players. We used to be an alliance of 45 strong but now we are at 37 and we are needing new blood to help keep things going. We now war at 20 vs 20 or 15 vs 15. I am really surprised...
  4. BYTCali82915

    We war all the time

    Recruiting has been tough lately so I am adding stuff to my post to keep it active and hopefully some new players will come and join us. We are currently at 37 members with a war record of 40-17.
  5. BYTCali82915

    We war all the time

    We are currently at 37 members with a war record of 39-17. Minimum medals right now is 500. We are looking for players that want to war. Please join us. We have international players but I would say many of us are from California. Thanks.
  6. BYTCali82915

    We war all the time

    Update: Thanks to those of you who have been checking out this post. We are now at 38 members and won our last war 101-100. Minimum medals is 600 and our current alliance score is 12,042. We request that all members speak English because we try to coordinate our war efforts. Thanks!
  7. BYTCali82915

    We war all the time

    Alliance Name: Cali82915 The alliance originated from the Californians alliance. When our leader went inactive, all of the active players left and formed our alliance. Many of us are from California but we do have many players who are from all around the world. 8/29/15 was the date that we...