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  1. I play Dominations

    Make Satellite Scan retrain with Instant Retrain

    I would like to request that the Space Shuttle’s Satellite Scan be renewed with Instant Retrain (either while the blessing is running or you watch a video for it) because when I use my once-daily Satellite Scan in my first World War battle of the day, it’s then not available for me to use in my...
  2. I play Dominations

    My attacks seem really weak lately

    I’m not sure what was changed around in the game the last couple updates, but my attacks are super weak right now. It seems like bases I used to easily five star, suddenly I can only one star them if I’m lucky. And, I used to end up with a lot of troops remaining, and now my entire army and...
  3. I play Dominations

    Can not exit in-game Customer Service chat

    I have a Customer Service chat going on that I have been done with for a few days because the game is working for me now, and the problem I had going on is resolved. However, I cannot exit that chat. There is no option to start a new chat if I experience any further problems. In the chat window...
  4. I play Dominations

    Hold off event reward notifications until the battle is over

    It’s very distracting and gets in your way when you’re constantly getting event reward notifications while you’re in a battle. Perhaps make it so that you don’t receive those notifications until after the battle is over.
  5. I play Dominations

    Enable ability to craft legendary artifacts in the museum

    It’s currently too difficult to get legendary artifacts. I think BHG should enable it so that you can craft legendary artifacts in the museum just like you do the other artifacts. I have four empty legendary artifact spaces in my museum that have been empty for a while because I cannot fill them...
  6. I play Dominations

    Update 05/02/23: Game is working now for me…… Game Freezing Up on iPhone 14 since version 11.1201.1201

    Problem started after update to version 11.1201.1201. And, it was not fixed in version 11.1210.1210 (update 11.8). The game freezes after about 30 seconds. Nothing fixes it, including a reinstall of the game. I’m using a fully updated iPhone 14 Pro Max. All my apps are updated. And, iOS is...
  7. I play Dominations

    Suggestion - Move the game progress along quicker

    As we advance through the ages, the time it takes to upgrade buildings and troops is ridiculously long. The game would be a lot more fun if a player’s progress/upgrades moved along quicker. I don’t think any upgrade to buildings or troops should ever take more than 3 days.
  8. I play Dominations

    Can’t enter past loading screen BombersHorda VIP 13

    Try downloading app again. Working now for me. Update 11.7
  9. I play Dominations

    Game crashing during app startup - fixed with update 11.7

    Starting this morning, the game will not load. It crashes when I try to start the app. I’m using a fully up-to-date iPhone 14, with all my apps updated. I tried force-closing all apps and restarting the phone. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nothing has worked. I can’t make a...
  10. I play Dominations

    Cant enter game!

    Can’t make report in game because game won’t load. It’s crashing during app startup.
  11. I play Dominations

    Can’t enter past loading screen BombersHorda VIP 13

    I am having the same problem. I’m using a fully updated iPhone 14, with all my apps up to date. I tried force-closing all apps, restarting the phone, uninstalling Dominations and reinstalling it, and nothing has fixed it. The Dominations app is still crashes while opening the app/loading.
  12. I play Dominations

    Game doesn't look right on iPhone XR

    Hello, and excuse me if this has been mentioned elsewhere on here... I used to play Dominations on my iPhone 7, and recently upgraded to an iPhone XR. The game used to look right on the iPhone 7, but it does not look right when I play it on the new iPhone XR. The onscreen buttons/controls on the...