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    The Rise of the Super Heavy Tank 6.7 Update

    We didn’t get a new war chest after a war victory.. Another glitch? Jedi Rebellion alliance
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    Jedi Rebellion is hiring!

    If you’re active and looking for friendly and strong Alliance come and join us. Jedi Rebellion
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    Look no more.. come join us in Jedi Rebellion!

    Hey guys if you looking for active alliance to join we have 5 spots open for you.. War twice a week.. not mandatory and grow with us..
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    Looking for alliance to merge with

    You guys more than welcome to join our Jedi Rebellion alliance..
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    Join our Glorious Jedi Rebellion Alliance!

    Join us in wars and fight with Jedis .. Levels 100+ and above please
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    Jedi Rebellion invite

    Higher levels join us in our active and friendly Jedi Rebellion. We stand against the Dark side. We are Jedi.
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    Jedi Rebellion

    Jedi Rebellion is inviting you to join.. Fighting with the strongest and helping you to grow.. We have excellent war record!
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    Jedi Rebellion invite

    Inviting active players Enlightenment Age or above to join our great and friendly Jedi Rebellion alliance!
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    Five Good Emperors: Antoninus Pius Event!

    No it's not splendid.. lots of our guys stopped playing because you substituted great special events with useless Summer events
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    Known Game Issues

    No Title Not able to start a war.. Please fix it.