• Weekend Login Issue
    Due to the brief downtime of the game last weekend we'll be compensating all players with 150 Crowns and 3x 1h SpeedUps. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

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    Oyuncuların kolayca iletişim kurması için lütfen bu oyuna çeviri ekleyin
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    Lütfen oyunun sohbet bölümüne çeviri ekleyin. Bu şekilde, yabancı arkadaşlar kolayca sohbet edebilir ve iyi geçinebilir.
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    when the radius of the generals will revert is turning our strategy upside down this used to be better
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    Tomorrow's Promise - Week Ahead 5/1

    The world war artifact creation museum event has been around for a long time. The museum event above has happened 3 times, what a ridiculous thing. Why is it taking so long to arrive?
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    when will world war artifact creation come

    when will world war artifact creation come