• Superior Councilor Recruitment Sale
    There was a visual error on the Superior Recruitment sale showcasing a Purple Recruitment tin that isn't representative of what was being sold. The superior recruitment pack is gold and now reflects as such and we've provided those who purchased from the sale two additional Superior Recruitments! To clarify Superior, Heroic, and Mythic Councilor Recruitments should be a Gold Tin only. Purple Tin will be utilized for another purpose at another time.

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  1. Wicked Lord

    Dominations Update 11.5 - Council Committee

    Overall a really nice update. I especially like the new unique boosts. I just hope it works as intended in WW and soon in friendlies too. What I´d like to see in the future are more options to gain cards. Right now there is no possibility to "push" the council. You can wait and do your 4 dailys...
  2. Wicked Lord

    Apc spawned troop stats

    They didn't nerf the APC but buffed the normal infantry in one of those barrack troop updates. @Harlems369th can you forward this to the team. APC infantry needs a buff, to be back in line with the normal infantry.
  3. Wicked Lord

    January Legendary Token Calendar

    @Harlems369th thanks for listening to the community and finally offering Ramesses II's Abu Simbel. Highly appreciated ☺️
  4. Wicked Lord

    4 bombers & 7 sabotage

    Of course. There will always be the guy who is stronger.
  5. Wicked Lord

    Are defenders spwan time capped ?

    Because a spawn time of 0s would be hilarious. The same with dmg and hp of enemy towers or troops. We need a cap. We can argue about the value but not about the cap itself.
  6. Wicked Lord

    Missile Silo Attack Speed

    3% of 10s is 0,3s. It should be 10s - 0,3s - 1s = 8,7s. So either the library description or the ingame calculation is wrong. @Harlems369th can you help us here?
  7. Wicked Lord

    4 bombers & 7 sabotage

    @Mehalawy advance to drone age and remove every sabotage with your drone directive 😂 But seriosly sabo/bomber is not op, at least not in the endgame. Things to improve your performance against this combo: - max your towers and redoutes - build a good museum - up to -85% for invading...
  8. Wicked Lord

    Marco Polo artefact request

    Some time passed since Marco offered the last high end defensive war artifact. Many players, including myself have collected another 300 Token and would like to spend them on something viable. Such as: - Maori War Club (my favorite) - Ramesses II's Abu Simbel @Harlems369th and the team please...
  9. Wicked Lord

    DomiNations Update 11.4 - Defensive Library Update

    @Harlems369th nice update. Thanks to the whole team. One Question to the section "Fortify", what does "+1 Defenders from Bunkers" mean? Will the Bunker spawn two HT at once or is it just the cap for HT on the field which is raised by 1?
  10. Wicked Lord

    Legendary Token Calendar: July

    @TheWise Even if I'm late, thank you for offering ASDIC.
  11. Wicked Lord

    Artefact request Marco Polo

    Throughout the last months Marco had many viable options for offers (Sun Szu, Spitfire...). The premium def Artefacts however, such as "ASDIC Type 113X" or "Ramesses Ⅱ's Abu Simbel" never appeared. Or just once in the beginning of this Token stuff. @Leviathan1 @TheWise could you ask the Team to...
  12. Wicked Lord

    Small request for the new age

    Please design the light of the new bunkers the same way you did it for example in global age, that it indicates whether or not the bunker will spawn, aka is loaded with oil. For space age there is no light at all, while the digital bunkers are always lit up. Both not really nice. It´s just a...
  13. Wicked Lord

    Annual reset of glory leaderboard

    Idea: At 1.1.20 BHG resets the glory for each alliance as they did it before when the new matchmaking system went online. From then on, a big championship starts around who can gain the most glory in one year. At the end, everyone receives rewards according to their placement. After that, all...
  14. Wicked Lord

    Red bar below the line "approved user"

    Does anybody now what this bar mean or how it´s filled? Without doing anything (so it seems to me) I just got my first bit coloured.
  15. Wicked Lord

    Defensive Coalitions

    What do you think are the most powerful defensive Coalitions assuming everything is equally upgraded? My Ranking has always been: - Egyptians - Maori - Russians - Indians but after all these changes... . Any opinion appreciated. Little fun fact: The german in-game translation for Indians has...
  16. Wicked Lord

    Thank You Nexon BHG staff

    I think that you did a very good job during the last year. The rebalancing of buildings, tactics and troops, the introduction of a new tactic and new leaders in the university has made the game much more balanced and more fun. Matchmaking has improved a lot for our alliance, we no longer get...
  17. Wicked Lord

    Reducing building time

    I know its not a new idea but I still think its much needed. We need a reduction of the construction times. You sit on your resources for days and can not use them because your workers are stuck for over 2 weeks, and rising. When all the walls are at Max there is hardly a reason to play...
  18. Wicked Lord

    Atomium not affected by library research (Heritage)

    Is it intended that the Heritage research which strengthens the power of all economic wonders by 10% does not buff the "10% shorter uni research time" buff? Wondering myself for quite a while now, cause to me research time sounds like a part of economy.