• Superior Councilor Recruitment Sale
    There was a visual error on the Superior Recruitment sale showcasing a Purple Recruitment tin that isn't representative of what was being sold. The superior recruitment pack is gold and now reflects as such and we've provided those who purchased from the sale two additional Superior Recruitments! To clarify Superior, Heroic, and Mythic Councilor Recruitments should be a Gold Tin only. Purple Tin will be utilized for another purpose at another time.

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  1. Hyperion

    Game still crashing during some raids

    The game is still crashing during raiding (about 1 in 20 raids). Testing this on multiple devices such as Galaxy, iPad, iPhone6. The crash is not the issues, it's the fact that when you instantly load up the game, the battle has immediately ended and all loot/troops have been forfeit. I have...
  2. Hyperion

    Daily Reward from Dock is too low - Give us a reason to climb in medal tally

    The new daily reward from the 'Dock' is so low that it really is not viable to increase the medal count to get a greater reward. Currently it is still more efficient to sit at a lower medal amount (and get attacked by weaker players) than to climb in medal count and get a tiny bit more daily...
  3. Hyperion

    [AFTER UPDATE] Game still crashing and lose all troops/loot

    After today's update, I still get semi-frequent game crashes during raiding, all troops lost and all loot raided is lost. This is a game breaking feature that continues to plague that game. No response had been made when suggesting to use the 'clash of clans' disconnect raiding system where the...
  4. Hyperion

    HUGE BUG - Losing more resources from your defenses than your enemy took!!!

    Here is a massive bug, that has probably been affecting people who are completely unaware. I assume this bug has been going on for a long while, as it is incredibly easy to overlook. So I was just attacked today, here is what my defense log says I lost...
  5. Hyperion

    Please DO NOT reset the alliance troop donation count!!!

    So this week the Alliance's troop donation counts were reset. WHY? Other freemium games do this and I just don't understand why. It promotes people to free-load off donations during the final days before the reset and causes all kinds of problems for alliance leaders trying to manage alliances...
  6. Hyperion

    Fix the multiplayer attack mechanics before it is too late

    I don't know how many times it's been listed on here but disconnecting during an attack should not mean that you lose all troops and remaining loot. The troops should just continue to attack if the player's application closes. Today I had a new bug where I deployed my full army, about 30...
  7. Hyperion

    The cost of upgrading walls

    I'm sure everyone has noticed the wall upgrade costs, which are very similar to Clash of Clans. Whilst the upgrade costs for wall levels around levels 1,2,3 and 4 are fairly achievable with a bit of grinding, the wall costs simply skyrocket in cost as a player progresses through the ages. Clash...
  8. Hyperion

    How many of the developers read/hear about the ideas and requests forum?

    I'm just wondering if any of the game developers read these suggestions. Quite a few of us who have years of experience with F2P strategy and Clash of Clans style apps would be tempted to actually write some useful in-dept reviews of this game but if the feedback is not heard I don't really have...
  9. Hyperion

    Not Enough Walls?

    I feel that we are not given enough walls, particularly at the lower ages (like Iron Age). You can not make anything interesting enough to cover the base, even in a basic defensive manner. I tried just protecting the important buildings but even then, it's not enough walls to do anything proper...