• Superior Councilor Recruitment Sale
    There was a visual error on the Superior Recruitment sale showcasing a Purple Recruitment tin that isn't representative of what was being sold. The superior recruitment pack is gold and now reflects as such and we've provided those who purchased from the sale two additional Superior Recruitments! To clarify Superior, Heroic, and Mythic Councilor Recruitments should be a Gold Tin only. Purple Tin will be utilized for another purpose at another time.

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  1. Berend_War

    Why BHG?

    Why BHG_Muet, TinSoldier Why are you guys ignoring your player community? And why do you give such a horrible support to your customers? There are several things bothering me big time, and now with the training blessing broken I got some time off from the game to think about them. First of...
  2. Berend_War

    Nexon big thank you from me.

    Seeing signs all over you started to take cheating seriously. Acting fast, starting to act reactive on people who used a flaw. Keep up the good work, it can't be fixed in a few days but the signs your sending are good. 👍
  3. Berend_War

    Are you ready?

    Where a dedicated war team,. We love war and war makes us a team. If you can help us grow we will help you grow. We prefer dedicated war members of all ages. If you want to learn and grow join Outcasts United. Aliance info: Perk lvl 11 Glory 16000+ Check our war history to give you a idea how...
  4. Berend_War

    Outcasts United is looking for you

    Are we a high level alliance no, do we have space age players no. What we have is a dedicated war team that loves to war. Since the rebalance we lost 2 wars on members not attacking the rest we won. That's why we're searching for you. We're searching for alts, Gunpowder,Industrial or global age...
  5. Berend_War

    Museum improvements

    Doing stuff in the museum is still a pain my experience. I didn't do much with the museum up until the last event where we had the opportunity to get some good war artifacts. The result is I have a lot of war artifacts that are hard to manage. 2 things would make my museum experience a lot...
  6. Berend_War

    Training time heavy tank

    Did I mis something, the training time for my heavy tanks is reduced by 50%. Started to use them recently for raiding. Have MK2 and thought the training time for one tank was 40 minutes. Since a few days the training time is 20 minutes.
  7. Berend_War

    Replace rubies with crowns

    Since I have bin spending 500 rubies on a total of 1 day in speedups. And it was my only option why not drop the rubies (nexon allready almost did completely) and give us crowns as war loot. This will get us more active war members with the 15vs15 dropped we need them. Might be a reduced number...
  8. Berend_War

    War results issue.

    Anybody else having issues with there war results showing after the war finished? Completed the second war after the new match making system but last war wasn't recorded. Showing the war results of the first war.
  9. Berend_War

    Alliance chat issues?

    Are we the only ones having issues with the alliance chat?
  10. Berend_War

    Did the retrain all vid timer changed?

    This is the second time I'm in a war and unble to use the retrain all twice during the war. looks like I get a retrain all vid once every 24 hours.
  11. Berend_War

    Share your war match here

    I've seen a message by TinSoldier where he requested us to share our war matches with him. So here it is, share your matches here. Not only the bad matches but also the good. rate your match with easy/fair/hard/Impossible include the search time (how many seconds it took before the match was made)
  12. Berend_War

    Third voyage of Thomas, not gaining any.

    Working on the current event but not gaining any progress. Is this because all trade goods are allready filled?
  13. Berend_War

    Show attack results in WW history

    It would be nice to have a look in WW history who attacked and who didn't including results. Replays aren't a requirement just let us see who did there attacks and who didn't. 5 wars back would be enough
  14. Berend_War

    Message to Periklis

    This is how we play along together, cheater who thinks I am scared of him and really if this is how we play this game I don't give a f****. king miller you will always be a loser enjoy Rebelraider and King Miller. Have fun with your cheats and hacks
  15. Berend_War

    Disturbing accounts not only linked by Google play?

    Got my self a new phone a month ago and passed on my old phone to my son. Did a factory reset and reconfigured the phone with his Google account. Today he got all mad on me because I would have used his account to play Dominations. What happened when he installed dominations, my base was loaded...
  16. Berend_War

    Need some help here.

    Do I really need to spend 80 euro to get that legendary artifact?
  17. Berend_War

    current event speedups without a archive?

    Hi all one of my allies is a starter and is working hard on this event but he can't find his speedups since he doesnt have the archive build jet. Does he need to be piatiant or are they just gone? According to him he had some awesome 12 hour speedups among them. If your archive isnt build jet...
  18. Berend_War

    Don 't show nationale trapte goods when a player doesn't have a embassy.

    So many attacks for national trade goods I do I don't get any because the dont have a embassy. I know I can check if there embassy is up but if you would not show the national trade good I could skip right a way.
  19. Berend_War

    Game crashes when sharing a attack.

    Having issues when sharing a attack. Every attack I share will crash the game and not able to share for a other 30 minutes. Am I the only one having this issue?
  20. Berend_War

    Lol rebalancing failed let's change the multiplayer matches

    Cheating not handled so still to many 5 stars and victories let's match up gunpowerder age against industrial in multiplayer battles that will get the moral down lol. a beebing joke Nexon. Not against the rebalancing just against your way of dealing with cheaters and keeping this a fair game...