• Superior Councilor Recruitment Sale
    There was a visual error on the Superior Recruitment sale showcasing a Purple Recruitment tin that isn't representative of what was being sold. The superior recruitment pack is gold and now reflects as such and we've provided those who purchased from the sale two additional Superior Recruitments! To clarify Superior, Heroic, and Mythic Councilor Recruitments should be a Gold Tin only. Purple Tin will be utilized for another purpose at another time.

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  1. GailWho

    Restart Game with subscription

    Good to see you JB. Hope all is well with you. I actually played in a game that released a separate server with the basic game before all the bedazzling occurred so I think it would be possible. Although it was a game with several servers running simultaneously so maybe not.
  2. GailWho

    Restart Game with subscription

    Hi, It’s been a while since I created a post here. There was a time, years ago when I was quite active on the Forum. I think a lot of people, like me, aren’t feeling the excitement they once felt about the game. The game has gotten so complicated. I think the basic point of the game, nations...
  3. GailWho


    I approve of this message
  4. GailWho

    Welcome to the Drone Age

    I agree. I was looking forward to working in my library, parliament and uni again.
  5. GailWho

    Welcome to the Drone Age

    Is it me or does the “Drone Factory (working title)” seem like an afterthought due to the luke warm response of the Drone Age trailer? I mean is it a Drone factory or not? If they have fully thought this out wouldn’t it be more than a working title? Don’t get me wrong I’m interested in what this...
  6. GailWho

    New version of Forum

    Makes me sad. I worked hard several years ago to get my 10 bars. 😞 Now I barely ever come on here. Just wondering why they bothered to update it now after all these years. Would have been more helpful in year 1 or 2 when there was more traffic here. Oh well.
  7. GailWho

    Hobbit zombie’s 6 year anniversary

    HOBBIT ZOMBIES... a team that has stood the test of time turns 6 year today! Same name, same leader, many of the same great players for years. A friendly bunch who welcomes visitors with hobbit hospitality. We war back to back and have the experience and resources to help us Dominate! We are...
  8. GailWho

    Hobbit Zombies

    Hobbit Zombies has opened it’s door and are looking for new players Atomic Age and below to war with us. We limit our wars to AA and below so lower level players get the full war experience without having to do the “dirty” work taking out the bags. If you want to be with a fun, experienced and...
  9. GailWho

    Who else misses 15v wars?

    At Hobbit Zombies, 15v war was our most popular one. We always have around 15 opted in for war and it’s never hard to have people available for it. On occasion we would do 10v or 20v but they were few and far between. Is anyone else experiencing difficulty coming up with 20 or 30? I’m just...
  10. GailWho

    Global to Enlightenment and some CWA wanted for Halloween War

    CALLING ALL GLOBAL, INDUSTRIAL AND ENLIGHTENMENT AGE PLAYERS. We need you for our Halloween war. Hobbit Zombies are fighting Angels N Vamps to the Undeath on October 30/31 for a war you will never forget (providing you still have brains left). This is your chance to fight in a 50vs50 war with a...
  11. GailWho

    A different approach to Alliance Leaderboard: Focus on alliance members not glory

    I think I may have come up with the solution to help get a more accurate leaderboard, eliminate the dead alliances, make restart alliances obsolete, discourage sandbagging, and have more accurate matchmaking. What would happen if Alliance Leaderboard, war rank and match making were all...
  12. GailWho

    There and back a game, a hobbit’s tale

    On this eve of the 3rd anniversary of playing this game I thought I would write down my reflections on playing for so many years. First of all when typing in the title of this essay, I planned on using the title of another well known tale but autocorrect changed “again” to “a game” ... no...
  13. GailWho


    I brought it up in the live stream but would like to know how many would be in favor of leaderboard being extended to top 500 (or more if possible). I think it’s great that so many alliances get to fight it out and see where they stand with the other alliances around them. This benefit should be...
  14. GailWho

    Hobbit New Years House Party Invitation

    Spend New Years with Hobbit Zombies! Party in the Hobbit Hole! Come celebrate the new year with the hobbits... all are welcome to join our discord server and ring in the new year by counting down to midnight whenever that is in your part of the world. Party starts just before 10am UTC on New...
  15. GailWho

    Sitting at the Dock of the Bay

    Watching my workers sail away. Up until now, I have done very little in the form of expeditions. I think I have a total of 7/50 on the 1st star of my world navigator achievement. I have more on my alt only because I always seem to have extra workers available on that account and no resources to...
  16. GailWho

    All Star War

    Join us for our 2nd DP All-Star event! Leaders and coleaders of all participating alliances will nominate 5 entries on DomiNations Prime open leaders channel. For more information and sign-ups, please head over to our Discord server: discord.gg/t2wxb5M The war will be matched on 15th of...
  17. GailWho

    DomiNations Prime all-star war wrap up

    Sorry for the delay on this wrap up video. Thanks to all who participated. Hope to see you all in future events! https://youtu.be/w3ZnlEXgwGU
  18. GailWho

    DNP All-Star Event

    DomiNationsPrime proudly announces an All-Star War on Saturday August 12th. Come join all the fun! The more alliances involved, the bigger the war. Participating alliances will nominate 2 worthy players. Team captains will draft the players, a H2H match will be made and then its WAR! For more...
  19. GailWho

    Base Editor frustration

    I remember the days before base editor was released. We pleaded with the devs to make an editor available and after some time they provided us one. It was heaven being able to pick up all and move around at will. Good times! Have any of you tried to use it lately? It's unusable! You either have...
  20. GailWho

    Skip the Skip Blessing

    Let's cut to the chase... I need salt! This blessing would allow me to instantly find a German base without having to skip 25 other bases. Upon purchase the blessing will ask which nation you are searching for.