• Superior Councilor Recruitment Sale
    There was a visual error on the Superior Recruitment sale showcasing a Purple Recruitment tin that isn't representative of what was being sold. The superior recruitment pack is gold and now reflects as such and we've provided those who purchased from the sale two additional Superior Recruitments! To clarify Superior, Heroic, and Mythic Councilor Recruitments should be a Gold Tin only. Purple Tin will be utilized for another purpose at another time.

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  1. Agamemnon999

    Parliament - University Speed-Ups don't seem to work consistently

    Our alliance is on Lvl 9 of University speed-ups in the Parliament. In looking at these, University speed-ups don't seem to work consistently. For example, today I have a University speed up that I asked for Alliance help with. It should shorten the time by 2.5 hours (5 helps of 30 minutes each)...
  2. Agamemnon999

    Parliament bonus not added.

    Here is what our war results look like for our last 20v20 - we are level 3 Parliament Bonus for this. You can see we received 40 extra points for successful attacks as expected. We also received the 5 extra points for winning 40% of all possible stars. The display is clearly off on the...
  3. Agamemnon999

    Settings on iPhone to ensure Offers payout

    So a while back I learned that on an iPhone, if you have General --> Privacy --> Advertising --> Limit Ad Tracking on then you were guaranteed to never be paid for completing offers. I used to have it on and can't tell you how much frustration I went through never getting paid. With it off, you...
  4. Agamemnon999

    Museum artifact - Agamemnon’s mask

    Has anyone crafted a museum artifact of my mask? If you are not sure what it looks like, look at my profile picture. TinSoldier, I think in a twitter post awhile back you used it as a potential artifact. I have never crafted it though. If it is not a current option how do I put in a special...
  5. Agamemnon999

    Building Upgrade Spreadsheet

    Everyone, I thought I would share an Excel spreadsheet that can be used to calculate resources and time needed to complete your building upgrades in Dominations. I didn't create this from scratch but used one that someone built for Clash of Clans and modified it for this game. It's not perfect...