• Superior Councilor Recruitment Sale
    There was a visual error on the Superior Recruitment sale showcasing a Purple Recruitment tin that isn't representative of what was being sold. The superior recruitment pack is gold and now reflects as such and we've provided those who purchased from the sale two additional Superior Recruitments! To clarify Superior, Heroic, and Mythic Councilor Recruitments should be a Gold Tin only. Purple Tin will be utilized for another purpose at another time.

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  1. Toast

    General's defender retinue

    the 'Leadership' tech allows at chapter 2 to give your general a defender retinue upon defense. My retinue are halberdiers. How can I get these troops upgraded? What decides that they should be halberdiers? all my garrisons are fusiliers or better? same with my traps.... just wondering what I...
  2. Toast

    Fruit Tree bug

    Hi folks, I've raised this with CS some time ago (months and months ago) but it's not getting resolved and I don't see it on the 'known issues' list. At the time they said they were 'looking into it'. I've got a ... peculiar problem with one of my fruit trees and have had this problem since I...
  3. Toast

    New update - Embassy!

    so the new patch is out in the wild now. some of my alliance already have it but I'm still waiting to see it in the Play Store. If you do have it, what's your thoughts on the coalitions and the new trade goods? I'm really excited and think it adds a lot to how you customize your civ.
  4. Toast

    Peace time and training time

    Hi folks, I'll admit right off the bat that I also casually play Clash of Clans. I know, I know... don't hate me for it. Having said that, I think Dominations is the better game and I enjoy that far more than the fantasy setting of CoC. That doesn't mean however that CoC doesn't have (in my...
  5. Toast

    Maximum number of citizens in the Global Age

    hi everyone. I'd like to understand what the maximum number of citizens is you can have in the Global Age? I've purchased starter pack 1 and 2, play as the British, built all the houses, I'm currently in the Global Age and I have a max of 16 citizens. However, I noticed one player (non Chinese...
  6. Toast

    "You are being scouted" message

    hi everyone. I often see this message as I try to login to my account. sometimes it has a timer which asks me to wait for a certain amount of seconds in the hope that "they will move on". More often though I see no timer and it simply asks me to reload. I can do that reload action then several...
  7. Toast

    mines and trees upgradeable

    would it be an idea to allow upgrading of trees and mines? one can imagine that through the ages different upgrades would become available that both increase the yield of gold and food, but perhaps also increase the yield of trade goods slightly with each upgrade. Mines would be through...
  8. Toast

    Defensive blessings

    May I propose that your blessings remain active if you win a defense? hate it when someone loots my resources, not gain any stars and I need to invest in getting all my blessings back in place. Now, it seems that whenever you get attacked regardless if you win or lose, you lose your blessings...
  9. Toast

    traps sprung, buildings destroyed but no attack took place?

    Hi! I've had it a few times now that when I get into my town some or all my traps are sprung and some of the buildings are being built up (the healthbar starts to increase which indicates they were destroyed) yet no reports of a battle having taken place (won or lost). It does lump me with a...
  10. Toast

    kicked out of league

    Hi I was playing the game and noticed I'm no longer in a league, even though I have 1366 medals. I attacked another player and was put back in Silver I, but for some reason after I hired another mercenary following the attack, the league was gone and it's as though I've never been in a league...
  11. Toast

    Economic balance

    Hi, first off: love the game. Currently in Medieval Age, rank 54 with 1028 medals and counting. Been playing for several weeks now and only got this far. My gripe with the game is the costs involved with upgrades and comparatively how little income I am generating from my maxed farms, roads...
  12. Toast

    Donating troops does not work?

    So I had the initial problem of not being able to repair the alliance gate (stuck in tutorial bug) which has since been resolved. I then joined an Alliance (Pax Romana) and wanted to happily donate troops. As it turns out, whenever I tried to, it wouldn't allow me. I could tap the button to...
  13. Toast

    library research/technology list

    Hi! Was just wondering if there's a page somewhere which describes all the research you can do at the library and what each chapter will unlock?
  14. Toast

    citizen allocation - change on the fly

    Hi. The old strategy games on PC such as Age of Empires etc all allowed you to allocate a variable number of citizens/workers to speed up building. Wouldn't it be a neat idea if you could do the same with this? For instance, an upgrade which would normally take 4 villagers an hour to complete...
  15. Toast

    Round Table looking for champions

    Good day fellow warriors. The Alliance of Round Table is looking for new Champions! We have no medal requirements but you will need to be active. Our motto is Valor, Honor and Respect. If you feel this would fit you, please join us!
  16. Toast

    Not entered into a league

    Hi! I'm now in the Iron Age and attacked many other players. However, when I click on the docks it says that I need to complete a multiplayer battle and gain over 400 medals to gain entry into a league. Here's my problem: despite the fact that I have won countless victories so far, I do NOT...